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Making Money with Balloons

Are you a natural entertainer? Love to impress kids with special treats? Do you have nimble hands? Ever thought of a career as a balloon artist? Sounds bizarre? Well it isn’t. Making various shapes and forms from balloons, commonly known as ‘balloon twisting’, is very popular in the entertainment industry today.

It’s an easy trade to venture into, with a minimal start up cost. All you need is to invest in basic, inexpensive material such as various shapes of balloons, stickers, streamers, crape, ribbons etc. and a pump, all of which can be bought even at a super market. As you expand, you can add to your inventory, and start creating more complex and exciting designs.

Balloon twisting is a very interesting art, and can be mastered by just about anybody. A bit of creativity can get you very far in this entertaining craft. Of course, you need to have patience, perseverance and enthusiasm to master the art, which applies to just about any crafting hobby. It should take from a few hours to a few days to master basic balloon animals and other simple designs. You can use books, videos and of course the Internet to learn the art (Check out http://www.balloonhq.com/faq/ for ideas). You will find quite a few books that are sold online for mastering the art of balloon twisting. Your local library should give you plenty of reading material too. Of course, you don’t ‘have’ to go by the books, follow tutorials and step-by-step instructions; you can use your imagination and improvise. The sky is the limit in this trade, for someone with a vivid imagination!

Before you start your venture, keep in mind, that balloon twisting is an ‘entertainment’ job, i.e. a public profession. Which means you will have to appear on public audiences. Make sure you are capable of handling that. If you are shy, it would be a difficult job to take up as a career. If you can face an audience with a calm, cool, exterior and if you have the ability to keep their interest at bay, then this is your kind of job for sure!

Where can you find work in the balloon twisting trade? Balloons are used in almost any special occasion for decorative purposes, so your list is endless. Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, religious festivals, historical celebrations, political gatherings, business parties/promotions, are to name a few. You can also have your own booth at trade shows, fares, and local mall or just sell them outside supermarkets, boardwalks, playgrounds, at the seaside or nearby picnic areas. Any place where kids gather would be an ideal location for your sales. You can either have a small booth or sell mobile (on foot or from your vehicle). But remember to get the permission from the local authorities if you decide to do mobile selling. You can also make arrangements with a restaurant or hotel to let you have a special corner in their enterprise for your products. Some restaurant/hotel owners actually love to hire balloon twisters as a part of their entertainment program for kids.

If you prefer to take up special orders rather than carry out work in a regular booth, the toughest part would be building a good clientele. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for any venture. Your family and friends would be your best marketers; they will willingly give you free publicity. Let them boast your potential to their friends and acquaintances at the companies they work for. Once you have publicized your products a few times, orders will keep flowing in. But remember to provide a quality and timely service at all times in order to keep those orders coming. Efficiency and reliability will definitely build up a good, loyal clientele for your business. Once you have a solid base for your business, print yourself a business card and some flyers, which you can hand out at your next party/function.

The best thing about this trade is you can work around your own schedule. Based on your time, workout a schedule that best suites you. Take up jobs taking into account your other obligations. Never take up more than what you can handle. If you are a home mom looking for a part time venture, be extra careful not to let it take up too much of your time. Unnecessary pressure can disrupt even the most perfectly running enterprise.

Next ask yourself, what are your bookkeeping skills? Are you good at managing your finances at home? If so, with a little extra research (internet is a good source), you should be able to mange the accounting part of your business. But if you are bad with figures, then it is advisable to hire somebody to do your accounts for you, especially if you find your business expanding by the day. You can easily outsource your accounting, where someone can handle it for you at a regular interval. As long as you keep proper records and organize your spending, this task can be very easily handled by a professional, in just one day, for the whole month or even for the annum! It solely depends on how good you are at keeping records. Save extra outsourcing charges by being organized and meticulous.

Prepare yourself well before you set out for a special order/occasion. Make sure you have all the supplies you need, and remember to take extras. It is always helpful to have extra material at hand. You never know when it can come in handy. Also remember to account for wastage. After all, balloons are very unstable once inflated, and you are likely to burst quite a number of them. If it is a decoration task alone, visit the venue before the event and workout the most suitable theme/décor. Also work out the timeit would take you to complete the task before the event begins, so that you can organize your schedule accordingly and hire help where necessary. Talk to the client, question them thoroughly and make sure you fully understood what they want. Be extra careful with fussy clients. And work out the payment methods too. It is always good to keep written records for all dealings. This gives you something solid to fall back on if things go wrong. Further this is extra helpful in book keeping too.

One more point to remember, if you are making balloon animals, be very careful of copyright issues. Try not to make well known cartoon characters such as Disney characters, Winnie the Pooh, Loony toons etc. If you make a duck in nappies, don’t call it Donald. Better yet, don’t name your creations at all. Let the receiver do it, saves you unwanted legal issues and makes the occasion more interactive for the kids too. Many balloon twisters have been pointed out by big corporations for trademark issues. So be extra careful when you improvise. Try to create your own unique designs to avoid unnecessary issues.

If you enjoy talking to the kids and being in front of a crowd, this is a wonderful home business to undertake. Turn it into a joyous task, something you find immense pleasure in, for interacting with kids and making them happy can be so very rewarding. And you will breeze your way to success in this unique home business!

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