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High Blood Pressure
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About Causes of High Blood Pressure-: offers you more information on causes of high blood pressure and how aspirin cures high blood pressure. Learn why you should be concerned about high blood pressure and what it means for your health.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Aspirin has certain unique properties that are known to be helpful in lowering blood pressure in the body. Researchers have been trying to ascertain the exact role that aspirin plays, but general evidence available till now points towards the fact that aspirin may have specific benefits with respect to controlling blood pressure.


In many cases, the cause of high blood pressure may be that the viscosity or thickness of the blood is much higher than normal. As a result, it puts extra pressure on the heart to circulate that blood within the circulatory system. This causes higher pressure on the arteries which is known as high blood pressure.


This is where Aspirin (or, Disprin) seems to play a significant role. It has some unique properties to make the blood thinner over a prolonged use. Therefore, many doctors recommend the use of aspirin, along with other medications in such cases where the blood pressure is higher due to higher viscosity of blood.


Importantly, the dosage of aspirin is prescribed only for a limited period of time. When the objective of thinning of the blood has been achieved, the use of aspirin must be stopped.


Furthermore, it is important that the therapeutic dosage of aspirin must be decided only in consultation with a physician, and not by the patient himself. Sometimes the patients have a tendency to increase the dosage of aspirin on their own upon seeing the immediate benefits. If the blood pressure reduces, the patient may tend to double the dosage. This is harmful for the body in the long run, as there is a limit to which aspirin should be consumed per day. Therefore, a physician’s prescription is important for long-term use of aspirin.


Aspirin is not for everyone

Consultation with a physician for aspirin medication is also important because not every type of patient will benefit from its use. In specific cases, aspirin may do more harm than good. For example, if a patient is suffering from blood clotting disorder, and is taking medication for that, aspirin is not recommended for him. Intake of aspirin in such cases may lead to bleeding in intestines or stomach.


For people with sensitive digestive systems, a coated form of aspirin is available, such as Disprin CV or Ecotrin or Loprin.


Side effects of aspirin (if consumed in higher quantities)

Bleeding in the stomach: Excess consumption of aspirin may lead to bleeding in the stomach’s inner lining. Particularly, if the patient is suffering from ulcers, the chances of bleeding increase.


Allergic reactions: Sometimes, patients complain of allergic after-effects such as rashes on the skin upon consumption of aspirin.


Breathing problems: For patients suffering from asthma or bronchitis, may complain of shortness of breath or other difficulties in breathing such as bronchospasms.

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