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Heart Health  
Heart Health: Detailed health information on multiple conditions, diseases, prevention and treatments for all your family’s medical needs.

Understanding Heart Health

Many diseases are silent killers in that they show no symptoms or only vague symptoms. But even so, they are deadly. There are a number of diseases that are known as "silent killers" because they gradually consume you without causing any serious symptoms in the early stages. Regular medical checkups and early diagnosis of unexplained or vague heart health symptoms can save your life...

Heart Disease
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About blood pressure-:

Bizy Moms provides advice on what is blood pressure. It is important to understand the meaning and nature of High Blood Pressure. Due to lack of awareness, the disease remains undiagnosed for a long period of time, giving it the name of a silent killer.

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Learn About Heart Healthy Nutrients That Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Even if you follow a strict heart healthy diet (and how many of us actually do?), chances are you are still not getting a full supply of the nutrients your body needs to function at optimal levels.


Why? Well, due to the way food is handled, processed, shipped and maintained, many of them are depleted or even devoid of some or all of their nutrients by the time they hit the store shelves.  So even if you’re eating fruits and vegetables and other foods that should be packed with vitamins and  minerals, there’s a very good chance that they only contain a fraction of the nutrients they should.


Additionally, if you are infirmed or elderly, or simply not in tip-top condition, your body may not be able to effectively metabolize and utilize the nutrients in the foods you eat.

That is why supplementing these nutrients makes a lot of sense.  That way, you can ensure that your heart, and your body as a whole, is getting what it needs to perform at maximum capacity.


So what are the important heart healthy nutrients?

There are certain nutrients that are good for overall cardiovascular health, and others that can be helpful for specific conditions.  Let’s discuss all of them briefly.


To maintain a strong, healthy heart, the B vitamin group, as well as E and C, are important.  Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and selenium all serve various cardiovascular functions.  Coenzyme Q10 , which is similar in nature to a vitamin, plays a pivotal role in the production of cellular energy in the heart, as does an amino acid called L-carnitine. Lastly, the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, DHA and EPA, are highly beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health.


To naturally reduce cholesterol, vitamin B3 can help, as can chromium polyniconate, and extracts such as policosanol, guggulipid and beta sitosterol.  For high triglycerides, fish oil and vitamin C can help.  For high homocysteine levels, folic acid as well as vitamins B6 and B12 can be beneficial.  For inflammation in the blood, fish oil as well as ginger and MSM can help reduce it.


These heart healthy nutrients are not only good for your cardiovascular system, they are beneficial to your body as a whole.  So even if you are in perfect shape, watch what you eat and exercise regularly, you might want to incorporate one or more of the nutrients above into your regimen.


This article is exclusively written by Healthy Heart Guide for
“Healthy Heart Guide was created to educate people about the leading cause of death in men and women, cardiovascular disease. We are always researching the latest developments in heart care to learn about how we can improve our heart health, and lower our risks of getting heart disease.” - Healthy Heart Guide
For more information and resources please visit the Healthy Heart Guide website.

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