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Heart Health  
Heart Health: Detailed health information on multiple conditions, diseases, prevention and treatments for all your family’s medical needs.

Understanding Heart Health

Many diseases are silent killers in that they show no symptoms or only vague symptoms. But even so, they are deadly. There are a number of diseases that are known as "silent killers" because they gradually consume you without causing any serious symptoms in the early stages. Regular medical checkups and early diagnosis of unexplained or vague heart health symptoms can save your life...

Heart Disease
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About blood pressure-:

Bizy Moms provides advice on what is blood pressure. It is important to understand the meaning and nature of High Blood Pressure. Due to lack of awareness, the disease remains undiagnosed for a long period of time, giving it the name of a silent killer.

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Necessary Vitamins to Bring Down High Blood Pressure

Diet plays a vital role in controlling high blood pressure, even though scientific evidence is inconclusive about the actual effects of diet in lowering blood pressure.

Vitamins are a critical element of diet that are known to play a useful role in bringing down high blood pressure. Primarily, there are three vitamins that are known to have proven effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure.


Vitamin b-complex (folic acid)


Vitamin B-complex or Folic Acid is important for production of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) in the body. It is known to help in lowering the blood pressure levels as it reduces heightened levels of homocysteines in the body. Many different scientific studies and research has been going on to ascertain the exact function and benefits of this vitamin in controlling the blood pressure.


There is no clear or conclusive evidence till now about the precise scientific benefits, but in many cases it is noticed that supplementation of this vitamin helps in a lower blood pressure by the end of the supplementary course. Many researchers are of the opinion that folic acid or vitamin B-complex helps in maintaining the elasticity of arteries, by reducing the plaque that is formed inside the arterial walls.


Folic acid can be found in its natural form in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, citrus fruit such as oranges and lemons, and green lentils. Additionally, there are specially fortified breads and breakfast cereals available on the market that provide a supplement of folic acid. Thirdly, vitamin supplements in the form of tablets or capsules are also available to substitute for any deficiency of folic acid in the body.


Vitamin C and vitamin E


It has been observed in many cases that if the level of Vitamin C gets lower than normal in the body, the patient suffering from hypertension will experience higher levels of blood pressure than usual. Scientifically, it has not been ascertained authoritatively till now regarding the specific role of Vitamin C in lowering of blood pressure, but indirect evidence points at the uses of Vitamin C in helping to reduce the high blood pressure.


Vitamin C as well as Vitamin E are both anti-oxidants. In other words, they are both compounds that have properties to eliminate free radical elements in the body that can damage the cells. The latest medical research is increasingly inclined towards the view that anti-oxidants are useful in lowering blood pressure levels, as they have a tendency to regulate the supply of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide is a molecule that helps to relax the blood vessels.


Researchers are finding more and more evidence regarding the benefits of anti-oxidants for the human body, especially for helping to mitigate the high blood pressure levels in the body.


Vitamin C and E are richly found in various vegetables and fruit. In addition, there are several processed foods available in the market that are fortified with these anti-oxidant vitamins. Thirdly, supplements to augment the supply of these vitamins in the body are also available in the form of tablets, capsules or syrups.

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