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Interior Decorating Business

By Sonya Bolek

After doing decorating 'favors' for family and friends for the past eight years, I've finally decided to turn my knowledge, education and talents into an official business. DreamCraft Designs is born. When I became pregnant with my daughter, now two years old, and pregnant again, I had been visiting business opportunity websites looking for something easy to get into, not realizing that the best opportunity was right under my nose, I was just scared to take the plunge. I've been dreaming of self-employment for such a long time but since expecting my little angel, I've wanted it more than ever.

My business is Interior decorating and Home Organizing, The vision of DreamCraft Designs is that of personal home décor and home organization, for no room can be beautifully decorated if it does not reflect 'peace of mind.' A well organized home creates more time and space, while reducing our stress levels and making us feel more productive. Not to mention giving us the time to enjoy the things that are really important in life!

My Decorating Services Include:

  • Unique murals and faux finishes.
  • Nursery and kids' room specialties.
  • Furniture and accessory placement.
  • Wall and window treatment ideas.
  • Redecorating using existing furnishings.
  • Also available is holiday decorating for busy homes.
  • Workshops available to teach faux finishes, specialty room décor and more.

DreamCraft Designs will provide you with layout ideas, color swatches,
shopping info and more.

My Organization Services Include:

  • Kids' rooms, play areas, and study areas.
  • Home office.
  • Closets, Kitchens and any other rooms
  • Storage solutions and space saving ideas.
  • New-home set-up.
  • Packing and moving with ease.
  • Paper, bills and filing management.
  • Household and personal time management.
  • Home workshops available for groups of friends.

DreamCraft Designs will provide you with hands-on assistance, handouts, tips, and on-going support.

I have taught decorating classes for some volunteer groups and I've completed many jobs. I've also worked part-time in a decorating store for over 4 years now, where I've run some faux finishing workshops. I took a home-study course and earned my diploma in Interior Decorating but I feel if you've got the talent and want to take it further, people will start asking for advice!

Marketing has been fairly easy, this type of business is greatly benefited by word-of-mouth, so I haven't put much money into advertising. I would encourage anyone with the desire to start a decorating business to take the plunge, what a fun way to work from home, sure, you have to go do the job, but I always work when I want for as long as I want. If I need to get home, I finish for the day! I'm so excited to finally be in business for myself! Thanks to bizymoms for providing such great encouragement! Nothing brings me more joy than being able to set my own hours around my family life!

Best of Luck to all the work-at-home moms, present and future!

Sonya Bolek
DreamCraft Designs
Interior Décor and Home Organizing
and website

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