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Marketing can be described as the process of identifying customer needs and satisfying them by providing them with goods and services that meet or exceed their expectations. The job or the duty of a marketing consultant would be to assist the companies, in the process of marketing, by providing them with required knowledge and information to successfully market their products/services. The exact responsibilities of a marketing consultant can be explained in detail as follows.

The main objective of any marketing consultant would be to help the client companies to achieve competitive advantage in the market place. This would require the marketing consultants to have a wide knowledge regarding the specifications of the product that the client firm is selling to the market, products of the rivals, advertising strategies required, price that the customer is willing to pay, customer expectation, etc. To have a clear picture, an extensive analysis of the market will be required. Apart from this marketing consultants are often required to carryout market researches to obtain the relevant strategic information as well.

Further competitor analysis and their past marketing strategies and comments on the market may also have to be considered and analyzed when taking a decision. All these factors has created the marketing consultant’s work more complex and advanced over the years and due to that reason any individual who’s planning on becoming a marketing consultant should focus on achieving valid professional qualifications on marketing such as, CIM, a university degree on marketing, etc. Any other practical experience in the field of marketing would be an added benefit.

With all the required information obtained, the next step for a marketing consultant would be to advice the client on 4Ps. 4Ps is a concept which breaks down the entire process of marketing into four areas, which includes the 4 criteria, namely,

  • Price
  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Place

In detail, this is the process where a marketing consultants have to advice the companies on the price at which that they should market the product, which product to market, the method of promotion and in which market to market the product. This would put any marketing consultant in a very challenging position where the decisions they take on these four variables are so crucial for the success of the client.

After analyzing all the given information its clear that marketing consultation is a job that requires higher concentration and extensive knowledge. In current volatile business environment marketing has become a fundamental area for businesses growth. If a business does not pay attention to their products/services, customer requirements, its highly unlikely that it would become successful and competitive in the market place. This threat has caused the organisations to provide a higer degree of concentration on the process of marketing, which explains the reason why marketing consultants are among the highers income earners in the industry.

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Business Consultant
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