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Help People Reach Their Full Potential: Consider Becoming a Christian Coach

By Victoria Carrington, M.D.

I spent many years in training to become a psychiatrist only to realize that I wanted to stay home with and raise my children after my son was born 4 years ago. What could I do? I was still driven to help others live the life that God meant for them to live. I had experience not only in psychiatry but even before my medical training I was frequently the empathetic ear for friends and family. I happened to come upon a website describing coaching and I thought "Wow! This sounds perfect for me!" I embarked upon a road towards becoming a life coach and ultimately, a Christian life coach.

The first step I took towards my goal was to research coaching and coaches. I spent hours on the Internet and in the library learning more about life coaching and how it was used to help a variety of people. Next, I hired my own coach. She was also a physician who left medicine to become a freelance writer, another interest of mine. I found working with her incredibly helpful and encouraging and I knew that I wanted to help people in the same way. I later hired another coach that coached me exclusively by e-mail, exposing me to a new way of receiving the benefits of a coach. Since my son was born, my Christian faith has become more important to me and I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into any business venture that I undertook.

I enrolled in courses at the Graduate School of Coaching which is part of the network. That program is one of many designed to train people in the field of coaching. Some training programs are from people of specific backgrounds such as former mental health professionals and others focus on specific types of coaching such as parent coaching. There are books and programs focusing on training Christian coaches as well. The interest in coaching has led to programs by which coaches can get certified. The International Coaches Federation is the largest of these accreditation bodies. Coaches are under no obligation by law to become certified and some coaches omit this step because of the time and cost involved.

Marketing your coaching business is the only way to have a coaching business. In my first attempt at setting up a coaching business, I failed because I did not have a specific market niche or a marketing strategy. This time, however, I am clearer about my goals and my passion. I know that I want to help moms who are undergoing career transition, starting home businesses or desiring spiritual growth and development. I target work-at-home websites, mom's websites and Christian sites for my marketing efforts. I enjoy writing informative articles and many sites are in need of content so I offer my articles to sites as a way of introducing myself to the site visitors. I also have a blog for work-at-home moms that I update with relevant news almost daily which brings visitors to my site often. Of course, I also have a traditional website in which I used a template to place certain tags on my site so that it will be recognized by the search engines. I have also done some paid ad placements with Google. There are many ways to market your coaching services depending on your niche market.

Coaching is rarely a full-time job so it will allow you to spend time with your children and caring for your home. I try to set aside specific "phone hours" during the week and arrange to spend as much time with my children as possible. I am blessed with shared childcare with my husband who also works from home as a photographer. It is also easy to continue my other, complementary career as a freelance writer while working as a coach.

I have found the best of both worlds. I still help people achieve their dreams and reach their goals while giving my family the attention they deserve. Consider a career in Christian life coaching.

About the Author: Victoria Carrington is known as "The Mom Coach" and she has a passion for helping moms find their purpose and live their dreams while fulfilling their family obligations. She knows how hard this can be and she offers a variety of coaching options and e-books to help moms. Her work-at-home news blog can be found at She also publishes Feel free to email Victoria with any other questions about coaching at

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