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Achieving Personal Success

By Jennifer Basye Sander

Several years ago I made the leap from a corporate job, to working for myself. I realized that what I was doing for someone else on a salary --developing and producing books -- I could be doing for myself for a much larger cut of the pie. The books I developed had millions of dollars in sales, yet I was only making $42,000. What's wrong with this picture, I asked myself.

So I gave notice and went home to start my own book packaging firm, Big City Books. And it has been a thrilling success for me. While I don't yet make millions myself, I certainly do end up with a bigger piece of the pie than I had before. I just wish I'd had the strength and confidence to do it years earlier!

Now I talk to other corporate women all the time to encourage them to take a chance on what they know. So many of us are literally selling ourselves and our talents for pennies to an employer, when we could be earning so much more by using those talents ourselves. Think long and hard about what it is you are paid to do, can you build a business of your own around those skills? Chances are, you do have a skill that you could be exploiting for your own financial benefit instead of someone else's. Sad to say, but you don't get rich working for someone else...

So at the same time I've been building up my book business, I have also been hard at work motivating friends, relatives, and neighbors to build businesses of their own, too.

My motivational money and business beliefs led me to co-author a book called The Millionaires Across the Street: 23 Lessons to Change Your Thinking About Achieving Wealth and Success. And while touring the country talking to women in bookstores about building wealth, I also had an idea for a motivational website.

There are several websites that have basic financial information for women, but where can a woman go to receive the encouragement she needs to take those first steps and begin investing, or begin to build a business of her own? Welcome to, the women's wealth-building website! A place where you can share your outrageous goals and not worry that someone will make fun of you.

I love helping other women build up the confidence they need to go out on their own, to begin to handle their own money, to build up their financial resources and say goodbye to all of those sleepless nights lost to worrying about paying the bills!

Filled with beautiful blank forms that you can print out and fill in with your own goals and dreams, can also serve as your own personal money coach. Have a financial question that you are too shy to ask your husband? Want someone to explain to you how to open a stock brokerage account? Visit and let us help you get started building up the money in your life.

If I had known three years ago just how great my life as a self-employed mom was going to be, I would have busted right through the glass door on my way out of the corporate world! Here I sit in my home office, my two young boys playing in their playroom instead of out at daycare... Go for it, ladies, you do have what it takes to control your own financial and business future! Get started now, and YOU GOAL, GIRL!

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