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Web Site Designing Business

Web Development comprises of variety of activity that are required to develop a web site. Therefore this is identified as a broader process due to the involvement of higher number of activities and processes. Even though the activities include web design, web content development, web server configuration, client and server side configuration, etc, according to professionals, Web development refers to the non-design aspect of building a website.

In reality Web Development could be anything from developing a simple web page to development of more complex web based applications. Due to this reason professional Web Development can be identified as a process that requires extensive knowledge on IT and other computer related skills. Anyone with the interest of becoming a professional in web development may consider following a Computer Science Degree (BSc) in a reputed University. This would provide that particular individual with definite competitive edge ahead over the others.

If we move deeper into the subject of Web Development, it’s very important mentioning that web development is basically split into two areas. Those include client side coding and sever side coding. Client side coding deals with design and layout of the web site while the sever side coding deals with web site functionality. This requires web developers to have skills on both the areas. The actual skills required on both ends can be listed down as follows.

Client Side

  • CSS
  • XHTML- Replacement for old HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Flash and other Adobe packages

Sever Side

  • PHP and MySQL
  • ColdFusion
  • ASP and MSSQL
  • Lotus Domino
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • CGI, etc

Well if you are a beginner with limited finance and limited time but wish to increase your skills step by step, now you have the ability to do so thanks to web development tools and platforms such Linux, Apache, PHP. Most of these are distributed free of charge so anyone with a PC can start their own web development without any additional cost. Further, the availability of software such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver has made web development much easier for beginners. With the help of those software, time taken to develop web pages has declined dramatically in recent times. This is a clear indication that extensive knowledge of programming languages is not a must but however knowledge on those areas would make the results more professional.

In practice, apart from the theoretical knowledge and qualifications, web developers will be required to carry out variety of roles. These may include tasks such as Project management, graphic design, search engine optimization, copywriting, facilitation of security required for the web sites, etc. It is important that Web developers develop competence on each of these areas to become successful in the profession of web development.

In the age of Information Technology (IT) Web Development has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Development and growth of organizations has dramatically increased the demand for web development and web is considered as one of the most important elements of any modern enterprise in marketing, customer support, etc. This has created a higher demand for professional web developers and their services. Due to this reason Web development can be identified as one of the highest paid jobs in the industry where any individual can compete and obtain benefits.

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