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Starting A Video Business

This is a great hobby for anyone, who, like most of whom out there, love video. However due to this field’s fringe aspects and related gadgets; you may have concluded that this hobby is an expensive one to pursue. So let's now explore how you can turn an expensive hobby into a profitable business which will enable you do a variety of things.

But to do this business, which path do you seek? Or how do you go about this business? What avenues are there for success? As the answer to those questions, first you'll need to take a hard look at yourself, your goals, strengths and weaknesses as this is an important first step in making any business decision, even though you may be considering just a small business, it is still a BUSINESS and all businesses require an investment of time and money. Hence, with the understanding of running small business efficiently whatever it may be, let’s glimpse at the different avenues in desktop video business. It can be in the form of categories like, consumer, special interest, business, freelance, and so on.


These businesses serve consumers in a wide variety of ways. One of the most popular and successful types of consumer video business is the wedding and event business. The average wedding video costs $1000 and for many people this is an ideal sideline business because it can be done on weekends.

In the Wedding and Events business some people specialize in dance recitals or sports events. In the transfer business some videographers specialize in producing family histories from photo albums. While it is certainly possible to succeed in one of these niche areas, most people start in one of the two broader categories: Wedding and Events or The Transfer Business.

Special Interest

Despite some people’s popular belief, the special interest video business is not a get-rich-quick business. It can, nevertheless, be a very interesting video business that you can grow into something significant.


Business videos cover a broad area. They boil down to a client for example, a corporation, business or non-profit agency paying you to produce a video. Typically this video is for promotional or training purposes, and since your client is paying for it, the video belongs to the client. Producing videos for clients is a lot less risky than producing a special interest video because your client pays for all the expenses of producing the video(s).


This is an entirely different category of video (and film) business. Freelancing is a career choice that takes a major lifestyle commitment. There are a great many possibilities for freelancing as you can see just by reading all the credits in a feature film. The vast majority of those people in the credits are freelance artists and technicians. Even though that's the film business rather than the video business, you will find that a good number of those freelancers work in both film and video.

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