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Are you interested in advancing your career? Then you should consider increasing your education! believes in education and encourages stay at home moms to move from Cradle to Career by working toward a degree online while their children are young. Our Education for Moms section offers information on everything you need to know to make your education possible.

Earning a Degree in Web Graphic Design

With the dramatic growth of the Internet and exciting technological advances in the design field, web graphic design degree holders are uniquely poised to take advantage of career opportunities in a huge variety of areas, including advertising, marketing, technical communications, publishing and training.

In fact, through 2014, graphic designers are expected to have access to the most new jobs of all design professionals; and those with web design experience and programming skills will have the best opportunities. With a web graphic design degree, you'll gain both the design and technical skills and the experience to stand out in a field where jobs are growing and competition is fierce.

As you earn your web design degree, you'll learn how to produce high-quality, web-enabled graphics and develop all types of graphic media - web pages, marketing collateral, advertising, instructional material and multimedia projects - through a collaborative approach. By mastering key software applications, fundamental design principles, web content management and animation, you'll be prepared to design, illustrate, compile and produce visual solutions for communications, especially for the Internet.

Prepare for a Career Where Opportunities Match Dramatic Internet Growth

In the last ten years, Internet growth has exploded - from 50 million users in 1997 to more than 1 billion in 2006 - and usage, web sites and e-commerce sales are all expected to continue to increase! reports that the web graphic design profession is still in its early stages and beyond 2007 there's going to be a new era of web design. charted a 26 percent growth rate in this field for 2006, which will continue to blossom.*

Nearly every industry hires web graphic designers to create, maintain and enhance their web sites, including

  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality

Some of the agencies and companies that employ web graphic designers include

  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing firms
  • Website development companies
  • eLearning providers
  • Training and development providers
  • Corporate communications departments
  • Online service organizations
  • eCommerce providers

Program Objectives

DeVry’s WGD associate degree program is designed to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Apply basic graphic and design principles to web media using application software.
  • Produce graphic media solutions for communications and training.
  • Create animations for use in web media.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Participate effectively in collaborative environments.
  • Courses can be taken online, in class or a combination of both.

*"10 Hot Jobs for 2007,"

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