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An Online Associate Degree in sociology

What is sociology?
Sociology is basically the study of people and what they do. It is a study into history, the present and the future. It is a subject that has far more widespread consequences than one can imagine simply because of the very fabric of the subject. It studies reasons for certain human behavior and why history is as it is. It studies social groups, their influences on each other and how that shapes society as a whole. It also talks about how society affects human behavior and interactions.

How studying sociology can help
Studying sociology can equip you not just in your professional life but also in your personal life because of the understanding you gain on human behavior.

Some of the benefits that studying sociology can provide include:

  • Betterment of one’s interpersonal skills. It can help you deal with others more effectively
  • It can help you sell ideas or thoughts to another person. This can be an especially useful trait in the sphere of sales and marketing
  • It helps you understand what triggers a certain response in another person and can literally give you the power to control a situation
  • It helps you analyze social influences and their impact on your life

Types of sociology degrees
There are essentially 3 types of undergraduate degrees in sociology, namely:

  • BSocSc degree
  • BA (Econ) degree and
  • Joint degrees and combined honors which are conducted by the Faculty of Arts.

Who is best suited for a degree in sociology?
There are many aspiring candidates for a sociology course. Some have completed an ‘A’ level course in sociology while others are completely new to the subject. The main requisite is that candidates possess a natural curiosity on the human interactions and societal behavior. Basically, any candidate who has a natural curiosity towards crime patterns, racial issues, family ties or other relevant social issues, is a suitable person for studying sociology.

Usually applications from mature candidates, who already have a substantial knowledge of the subject, are preferred.

Eligibility criteria
Any candidate aspiring for a course in sociology needs to have at least an English language GCSE or any recognized equivalent. For example, the IELTS conducted by the British Council. However, the grade needs to be a minimum of 6.0. In an International Baccalaureate institute one needs to have maintained a minimum grade of 5.

Opportunities from studying sociology
There’s a whole range of job opportunities available from a sociology degree such as:

  • Criminal justice
  • Demography
  • Human service
  • Business
  • Education
  • Social science research
  • Community relations
  • Information science
  • Social work
  • Cultural studies
  • Cognitive science
  • Welfare advice etc.

The average employment percentage of sociology students is around 74.2% and the maximum absorption of sociology students is in the public administration, health and social work and business and research segments.

Salary and compensation
The salary of fresh sociology graduates range from between 20500 USD to around 42000 USD per year. In the federal government, annual salary packages are in the range of 53000 USD.

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