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An Online Associate Degree in Social Services

What are social services?
Social services deal with helping people to tap into their full potential to achieve their best possible no matter what discipline they may be in. It involves using social work as an effective tool to aid society and better human conditions. It helps to understand the causes of social processes such as poverty, unemployment, poor health issues, disablement, poor education opportunities etc. It also helps in analyzing the correlation between these causes and the level of social work needed. It discusses the values and ethics of social work, the knowledge social workers have and how they have enhanced their knowledge. It also talks about the professional skills required to be able to perform social work.

How studying social service helps
With social service one is equipped to make the world a truly better place to live in. One gets to better conditions in the specific area of study. One gets to enrich the lives of others around by learning this subject.

Career opportunities in social services
There are several capacities in which a social service student can work in such as:

  • DSS Project case manager
  • Apartment treatment counselor
  • Group home worker
  • Assistant food service director
  • Human resources team leader
  • HSP/group leader
  • Transitional housing advocate
  • Individualized residential counselor
  • Resident manager
  • Case manager
  • Day habilitation coordinator
  • Paralegal
  • TH Psychologist etc

Types of social services degrees
A standard Master’s degree in social service will typically consist of the following courses:

  • Community organization and advocacy
  • General human services
  • Public administration
  • Public policy analysis
  • Social work etc

Stemming social maladies
Social services presents a unique opportunities to curb the rising tide of crime, abuse and unemployment. Through social service one can control these aspects of society and hence bring about a dramatic change in the social conditions.

Eligibility criteria
To be eligible for a social services degree, except for students with baccalaureate programs recognized by the Council on Social Work Education, all other students need to have some foundation sources such as:

  • Human behavior and social environment
  • Social welfare policy and services
  • Diversity, oppression and legal environment of social work practice
  • Social work practice
  • Psychopathology
  • Methods of social work research
  • Field instruction etc.

To obtain an advanced field study a student needs to have at least 7 credits of advanced field work. To go for advanced research a student needs to have a basic knowledge of the foundation research course. To be able to opt for an elective course a candidate needs to have a minimum of 9 credits from a variety of electives.

Salary and compensation
The salary benefits for a social worker or a social services student ranges from:

  • USD 44300 per annum in elementary and secondary schools
  • USD 40620 per annum in the local government
  • USD 35070 per annum in state government
  • USD 30680 for individual and family services
  • USD 30550 in residential care facilities
  • USD 44920 for general medical and surgical hospitals etc.

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