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Secondary Education

What is secondary education?
Secondary education refers to education conducted in schools at the adolescent stage of a child’s life. It is referred to by many names like middle school, high school etc. However the underlying characteristics remain the same such as the fine balance between more compulsory primary education and a more optional, elective adult education. It has characteristics of both an elective and a compulsory nature in the choice of subjects offered.

How to become a secondary education teacher?
It is not easy to become a secondary education teacher simply because of a two-pronged approach to training that is offered in most programs. One aspect of the training focuses on knowledge of the specialized subject itself and the other aspect focuses on standard teaching skills that are essential for effective and successful teaching in middle schools. Apart from this, a teacher at the middle school level also needs to be trained on issues related to gender, race, adolescence, psychological issues etc. Most of the training programs are inclusive of practice tests that aim to help a teacher to pass the state level tests before getting a certification.

What it takes
To be a successful secondary education teacher, a person needs to understand the criticality and sensitivity of adolescence. Hence the teaching too has to be revolved around the individual student, while keeping diversity in race and ethnicity needs in mind. Above all, various strategies to teaching must be adopted to be effective. A secondary education teacher also needs to continuously keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Crucial importance of secondary education
Secondary education can at best be described as a fine balance between the compulsory and the optional, the restrictive and the open and the varied combined with the specific. Because of this mix of seemingly contradictory aspects, secondary education is quite similar to an adolescent’s life. Just as adolescents need to be curbed yet let loose, parented and guided yet given their own wings to fly, secondary education too needs to incorporate this fine balance to be able to be effective.

In fact, secondary education has fast become the barometer of an economy’s level of education standards. The constant demand for skilled, educated, multi faceted workforces, has led to an increased stress on improvement in secondary education. It is being seen as the stage of education that truly shapes an individual for life. Therefore, it is directly linked to the future and progress of any nation.

Benefits of secondary education
Secondary education shapes an individual’s life altogether. Adolescence is an impressionable age where students carry whatever they’ve learnt throughout their lives. A secondary education can enrich a child’s life by providing valuable insight into various subjects, equipping them with soft skills to compete in the global market as well as shape their personality and confidence. This is the reason it is given so much importance as it is virtually the breeding ground of our future entrepreneurs and corporate workforce. Therefore it is only natural it is given its due importance.

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