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Scholarship Myths

Despite a range of opportunities available via various organizations such as colleges, universities, corporations, government institutions, scholarships are yet to be popular as a medium of finance for education. Many applicants seem to get discouraged during the process of application and give it up. In many cases the actual reason is rooting from one or more scholarship myth(s).

Therefore as a person who is in search of scholarships, it is essential that you know what scholarship myths are.

Scholarships are only for people with academic brilliance 
There are very few scholarship schemes which award scholarships solely to people with exceptional academic performance. However apart from your academic performance, scholarship schemes in general, also take in to account many aspects such as your participation in extra-curricular activities, your contribution towards the well-being of the society and so on.

So it could be your accomplishment in sports, art or drama which help you earn a scholarship. Similarly it could be voluntary contribution you made at Red Cross which plays a decisive factor in their decision to grant you a scholarship.    

You should be in financial need to apply for a scholarship
In fact a scholarship is a scheme which eases your burden of by offering some amount of money to assist you in pursuing your higher education. So logically people who are in financial need should apply for such a scheme. Yes, if you go through severe financial difficulty there is valid reason for you to apply for a scholarship and they will recognize the fact that you are in need. However this doesn’t mean people who are with severe financial constraints shall only receive scholarships. The middle class or those who can afford may also receive scholarships which are based on merit.

You can only apply for one scholarship
Many people have this misconception that you are eligible for only one scholarship? Most scholarship schemes are insufficient to finance a the cost of a degree single handedly. Therefore it could be ideal if you can have access to more than one scholarship. In fact there is no limit on the number of scholarships a person can be granted. Therefore being eligible for one scholarship scheme does not necessarily prevent you from accessing other scholarships.      

Getting a scholarship involves paying money for a third party at the beginning 
I consider this as the worst myth of all. Let me tell you the reason later. During your search for scholarships, you may come across institutions which claim to do all the hard work required in processing your scholarship at a fee. The list of activities normally start from researching the ideal scholarship for you and go on until the application stage and even the subsequent follow-up. Treat them with suspicion as their offer could well be a scam. The ideal decision would be to totally ignore them and do the necessary work on your own. These scams not only deprive and de-motivate you from pursuing a scholarship they also take away your hard earned money. This is the reason why I consider it as the worst myth of all.

Article Summary: Many people deprive themselves from applying for scholarships due to various myths. Most of them believe scholarships are awarded only for people with financial difficulty or academic brilliance. Further some people assume they are only eligible to apply for one scholarship and refrain themselves from accessing other schemes which are of course accessible. The worst belief people have regarding scholarships is that these involve payment of money up-front for 3rd parties who claim to facilitate the application of scholarships.

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