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How to Apply for Scholarship

A scholarship is an excellent way of funding your education as it comes free. However its popularity as a method of funding higher education is very limited these days compared to student loans. So we at bizymoms thought of shedding some light over the topic of scholarships. As a result this is one of the articles at BizyU section which focuses attention on things to you need to know before applying for a scholarship. 

The first step is researching 
There are plenty of scholarships available around you. However to grab the opportunity you need to watch out for them. So be prepared to spend hours searching for scholarships and evaluating their suitability to your case. Never consider this a time waster as the quality time you spend researching for scholarship will ultimately pave the way to save tens of thousands of dollars. 

Search online because the Internet is a great source of scholarships. Although you may come across countless number of them, very few of them will actually suit you. Apart from online resources local communities, associations, clubs, and of course newspapers are all useful resources you should search thoroughly.    

Believe in yourself and apply  
Many people assume that they are not eligible for a scholarship just by skim reading the requirement. Some of them believe that scholarships are only for highly intelligent people with superior academic record. While I agree this is true for certain scholarships, I must also tell that your need for financial aid, accomplishments in terms of sports and career and even things like commitment to social well being are also considered in deciding your eligibility under many scholarship programs. After all deciding the eligibility is not your job. Let the people who grant scholarships decide that. Your job is to apply for suitable options and give it a try. 

Don’t limit yourself to one option. Apply for many 
Many people research and apply for the scholarship which they believe is ideal for them. But they do not understand that by doing this they are putting all their eggs in one basket. What if they do not get selected for that scheme? But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they do not get selected for another one. So the best thing is to apply for multiple scholarships. Don’t worry the time needed for each application will dramatically reduce as you go along due to duplications. However do not make it a habit to apply for every opportunity available as well. As a guideline 10-12 applications for carefully selected opportunities should be sufficient. 

Follow up and respond with urgency 
Once you have applied, showing your interest in every step of the way is necessary. Never give them the impression that you are not interested on an opportunity by failing to follow up closely or respond urgently. As a guideline, reply to any request or feedback sent by them within 24 hours. Even if you are unable to facilitate the requirement instantly, at least acknowledge that you received their e-mail and you are taking every step needed to ensure that their request is being fulfilled as soon as possible.

Article Summary: So as we recap the discussion, applying for scholarship involves a great degree of patience and determination. You need to have that burning passion amidst numerous temporary setbacks to achieve what you desire. The way to proceed starts with research. Carefully go through each option and identify its suitability to your purpose. Then you apply for suitable options and make sure you apply for multiple scholarships. The last but not the least thing is to follow up and continue to respond swiftly.

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