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Keeping Quality Application Records

Preparing a scholarship application is a tedious process which takes a lot of effort and determination. There are numerous documents you need to produce and failure to do so on time will result your application being rejected. As a result you should start gathering the requirements well in advance so that you can meet the deadlines. Most importantly you must ensure the all the application records you produce are of highest quality which enables your application to stand out from the rest. For instance the essay you produce should be well organized and written in such a way that it captures the hearts of many readers. Obviously such an achievement would not come overnight and you may need to work hard for it. However considering the benefits you gain out of a scholarship, the effort you put in will never be in vain.

Let us now look at some of the elements of your scholarship application and the measures you may take to improve the quality of these records.


Your resume is a snapshot of your character, skills and competencies, accomplishments and so on. It should ideally tell everything about you but in a highly summarized format. As a result you may list personal details, educational details, work experience, extra curricular activities and any other specific information which you think is appropriate to highlight. Make sure you prepare an individual resume for each scholarship in order to highlight specific areas based on the requirements of different scholarship programs. This would definitely increase the quality of your resume, as a standard resume will not adequately describe and highlight the areas of interest of the organization concerned.


In order to prove your educational qualifications, you may be requested for transcripts from all the schools you attended. Inform your requirement early to the education institutes you attended and make sure they deliver your transcript on time. Remember that your close follow up is essential to achieve the deadline.


Many scholarship schemes require you to produce one or more essays along with your scholarship application. In general the objective is to evaluate your suitability as a candidate. Further they may want to know more about you especially the areas that are not covered in your resume or other application documents. In few instances the topic of the essay is given but they may allow you to select a topic which you prefer as well. If you are given the opportunity to select the topic avoid topics such as politics, religion or ethical issues where you may get into trouble. Whether or not the topic is given, the essay is a critical element of your scholarship application process which gives you the opportunity to stand out from the rest. So take it seriously and give it your best shot. Brainstorm and gather your thoughts, develop the content, edit and re-edit several times so that it’s error free. If possible get the help of others to edit since this allows you to figure out whether your writing can successfully communicate the message you intend to the people who read.

Letters of recommendation

The objective of a letter of recommendation is to view yourself from another person’s perspective. You may obtain a letter of recommendation from a respected person whom you know such as a high school teacher, university lecturer, previous boss and so on. Allow the person who writes ample time to write a well thought letter. Make the individual aware of the scholarship requirements and the areas you want him/her to highlight. Inform the deadline in advance and follow up with couple of reminders so that you get the job done on time.

Scholarship application process is highly competitive these days with more and more people applying for scholarships due to the high degree of awareness. Developing quality application records within the given deadline will definitely provide you the opportunity to highlight yourself from the rest of the crowd

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