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Are you interested in advancing your career? Then you should consider increasing your education! believes in education and encourages stay at home moms to move from Cradle to Career by working toward a degree online while their children are young. Our Education for Moms section offers information on everything you need to know to make your education possible.

Earning a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA)

Public administration professionals manage the many levels of personnel needed to help nonprofit, healthcare and governmental organizations operate efficiently. Professionals in this field need knowledge and skills in leadership, human resources, budgeting, accounting, project management, information systems, public policy and marketing.

Keller’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program focuses on developing concepts and skills needed to become effective managers in organizations lying outside the boundaries of the traditional business environment.

Public administrators are often directors, supervisors, managers and staffers who work:

  • on programs involving government policy
  • to accommodate statewide initiatives and mandates
  • to enhance the viability of cities and countries
  • in a variety of capacities to establish and manage social service agencies
  • for managed care facilities, hospitals and clinics, and public health departments

Coursework, taught from the practitioner’s perspective, blends theory and practice to build knowledge bases and skills in such key areas as:

  • leadership and human resources
  • budgeting and accounting
  • project management
  • information systems
  • public policy formulation and implementation
  • public relations and marketing

Keller’s MPA Degree Program Objectives:

  • providing a comprehensive public administration education emphasizing practical applications
  • equipping students with the skills necessary for managing in a multi-disciplinary non-business environment
  • enabling students to apply up-to-date and effective management practices in their organizations
  • developing leadership and team-building skills in an environment where profit is not the paramount objective

Courses are offered online, in-class and as a combination of both.

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