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An Online Associate Degree in Psychology

What is psychology?
Psychology is basically the study of the human mind and its intricate behavioral patterns. Psychology studies cognitive behavior in humans and why humans do the things they do. While the ultimate aim of studying psychology need not be to become a professional psychologist, there are many other jobs this field of study can offer.

How psychology can help
Studying psychology prepares an individual to better understand human behavior. This equips a person to a great extent on

  • Handling people more effectively
  • Understanding past issues in one’s personal life
  • Being able to deal with situations better
  • Gaining better control over certain situations since one knows the behavior of the other person
  • Psychology has different connotations in different disciplines

    Creative art psychology will focus on the therapeutic uses of art and music

    From a commercial or business standpoint, psychology can help in better team building and tapping hidden potential. It can also help in delegating appropriate tasks to the right people to ensure optimal job mapping

    Engineering students can benefit from psychology because of the knowledge of interpersonal skills

    Teachers also need to know a bit about psychology as it gears them to understand children’s minds better and thus teach more effectively

Psychology, being the study of the human mind is not restricted to any particular discipline or field. Its usage and application is across industries and cultures.

Types of psychology degrees
There are several categories even within psychology such as:

  • Counseling
  • Industrial organized psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Experimental or research psychology etc.

The approach to each of these categories is also different since they deal with different aspects.

Eligibility criteria
To be able to qualify for a degree in psychology one needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The candidate needs to have at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • In case of disciplines like social working, school psychology, or child, family or marriage counseling, one needs to also have a Master’s degree
  • For clinical practice an additional PhD is necessary

After completion of the psychology course one needs to have a license to be able to legally practice as a psychologist. Most states will need at least a 2 year supervised experience in addition to a case study. A national multiple choice exam is also mandatory.

Career opportunities in psychology
By studying psychology one can leverage a host of career options such as:

  • Psychiatry where one practices as a professional psychologist
  • In the business industry to study group dynamic assessments etc.
  • With a Bachelor’s degree also it is possible to get a small time job in the mental health industry, although it will not pay as well

All in all, psychology offers a unique way to learn the workings of the human mind. Especially if applied to criminal psychology, it can be extremely interesting. Many notorious criminals have been caught in the act by some sharp minded psychologists. The entire profile, including physical attributes may also be ascertained with the help of psychology.

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