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Earning a Master’s in Network and Communications Management (MNCM)

In Keller's master's degree program in Network and Communications Management you will learn to plan and coordinate adoption and integration of the increasingly sophisticated network technologies and voice/data communications needed by organizations to support future growth.

The program, taught from a practitioner’s perspective, prepares students to recognize opportunities in which the application of communications technology can provide strategic benefit to their organizations by reducing costs, improving customer service and enhancing operational efficiencies.
Coursework provides perspectives on managerial decision-making and managing an enterprise in a technological environment. It also focuses on aspects of communications technologies that enable students to understand and evaluate technology applications and alternatives employed in business and industry.

Network and communications systems can range in complexity from a connection between two offices in a single building to global networks that carry data, voice, electronic mail and video throughout a multinational organization. Specifically, network and communications managers may:

  • Plan and design networks
  • Develop budgets and policies for equipment and services
  • Purchase equipment and coordinate installation
  • Analyze and evaluate trends and new technologies
  • Prepare and deliver business presentations
  • Recruit, manage and interact with other telecommunications personnel
  • Monitor and evaluate network performance
  • Enhance networks as business needs and technology evolve

The Keller MNCM degree program allows you to choose from the following concentrations:

  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Network Applications
  • Project Management
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Technology Applications

Employment Outlook
Network and communications professionals work in virtually every industry, from insurance to healthcare to hospitality and many others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 fastest growing occupations through 2012 include:

  • Network systems and data communications analysts
  • Computer software engineers for applications
  • Computer software engineers for systems software

Keller’s MNCM Degree Program Objectives:

  • equipping students with managerial and technical skills needed to develop, implement and oversee an organization's telecommunications infrastructure
  • enabling students to recognize opportunities to save money, improve customer service and boost operating efficiencies
  • developing students' ability to apply communications and networking technology for the strategic benefit of an organization
  • enabling students to apply project management methodology in order to ensure greater success in project implementation in all functional areas

Courses are offered online, in-class and as a combination of both.

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