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Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) curriculum provides students with the skills needed to understand, design and develop new  technologies and applications in the field. These skills allow graduates to make immediate contributions to their employers, satisfy personal and professional goals, and become leaders in industry.

The program, designed to meet the needs of working engineering professionals and taught from a practitioner’s perspective, builds on students’ prior knowledge through a combination of program core and focused concentration coursework.

Program Objectives
Program educational objectives are the accomplishments graduates are expected to achieve during the first few years of employment. MSEE program educational objectives include:

  • Practicing the profession of engineering at a level beyond that of a baccalaureate graduate.
  • Developing solutions to engineering problems in the context of technical, global, environmental and economic constraints.
  • Providing technical and/or managerial leadership in the electrical engineering field. Program outcomes are the skills and abilities students are expected to demonstrate at graduation. Program outcomes for the MSEE program are:
  • Analyzing, designing and implementing solutions to complex engineering problems using applicable tools.
  • Applying U.S. and international standards, including those for health and safety, to design solutions to ensure interoperability with other conforming products,
    processes and services in U.S. and international settings.
  • Applying the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Code of Ethics and other ethics guidelines to work in the engineering profession.
  • Effectively communicating and resolving issues with both technical and non-technical colleagues.
  • Accessing and using information to enhance expertise
    and professional standing.

Why DeVry University for MSEE?

For technology degree holders and working engineers seeking the most practitioner-oriented, hands-on and in-depth master's degree in electrical engineering with a computer systems concentration, DeVry University can give you the advantage. Here's why:

  • Recognized leader. For over 75 years, DeVry has been at the forefront of awarding degrees in engineering technology. For example, DeVry graduates make up about half of all electronics engineering technology graduates in North America. Plus, DeVry has thirty years experience delivering successful graduate degree programs to working adults.
  • Employer approved. DeVry works with professional engineers and industry leaders to design programs that produce graduates who meet their needs and provides a curriculum following the recommendations of the National Collaborative for Engineering Graduate Education Reform.
  • Career-focused education. Only DeVry offers an accelerated master's degree program. Experience application-based learning that applies directly into a professional work environment, accessible faculty with practical engineering experience, a culminating capstone course requiring the solution of a complex, real-world technical problem, and the ultimate flexibility of a master's degree in electrical engineering earned online.
  • Learn-by-doing methodology. As an MSEE student at DeVry, you will learn through the use of advanced computer technology, labs and applied projects, in which you'll have access to engineering professionals who will provide mentoring and guidance for these real-world course projects.
  • Flexible online learning. Balance professional and personal commitments with your learning goals as you earn your master's degree in electrical engineering online. Advanced multimedia technology; qualified, practitioner faculty and regular opportunities for interaction and collaboration create a compelling and engaging learning experience.

The MSEE program is an online program. Selected coursework may be available onsite at some DeVry University locations.

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