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Are you interested in advancing your career? Then you should consider increasing your education! believes in education and encourages stay at home moms to move from Cradle to Career by working toward a degree online while their children are young. Our Education for Moms section offers information on everything you need to know to make your education possible.

An Associate Degree in Management

The business world is highly complex and dynamic today. Managing businesses, therefore, has become a challenging task. Competitor behavior is so fierce that if you relax for a while you will find yourself out of business. As a result, the world of business requires dynamic and motivated individuals who can strive hard for the achievement of corporate objectives continuously. So the business managers nowadays require a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of the business and how they are linked, in order to create value for the customers. This is where management education plays a crucial role and an associate degree in management provides a basic foundation on which a person of that caliber could be molded.

Ideally a manager should be a versatile individual, considering the range of work he or she will be engaged in while performing duties. They may have to help the customers if required, deal with employees and their needs as well as manage finance and other resources efficiently and effectively. Further, they will be responsible for resolving problems, handling crucial decisions while ensuring the growth of the company. In addition, they should consider different stakeholders of a company, their objectives and their relative power before making and implementing decisions.

Therefore a business manager is expected to be aware of not only day-to-day management techniques but also human resource management, organizational training, finance, accounting, ethics industrial best practices, leadership and much more.

The degree programs in the area of management are carefully arranged considering what the business world expects from a graduate and what skills should be developed within the students to live up to that expectation. An associate degree in management would provide the foundation for a person who is willing to enter the world of business both as an employee or an entrepreneur. If you are a bizymom who laments over the fact that you couldn’t pursue your degree in management, the world is not over for you. Online degrees have become very popular among people in recent times and they are ideal for moms like you who wish to study at your own pace.

The support you receive from the university staff in an online degree is the same, if not better to an ordinary degree. Further, online discussion sessions held among other students will provide you opportunity to access their knowledge of expertise as well share your own expertise.

An Associate in Management degree is generally in the form of Associate of Applied Science in Business Management. The programs normally begin with courses in communications, leadership and human psychology, then moving onto marketing planning and implementation, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, organizational behavior, information systems management and many more. The study notes and assignments are generally emailed to the student and if she needs she can access the virtual library for additional resources. Further you can contact the lecturers and instructors online if you need any clarification.

As you move up the ladder in the corporate world, you will require advanced qualifications in order to meet the demands of your employer. An associate degree, although very useful, only provides you the foundation to kick start your career. It is therefore advisable to pursue higher qualifications (such as Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees) as you move up the ladder of success.

Program Details
The program begins with courses in leadership, communications, and human psychology, followed by entrepreneurship, marketing planning and implementation, finance, budgeting, money management, human resource management, organizational behavior and much more.

Some of the skills required include developing teamwork and leadership skills, as well as an innate ability to motivate people and communicate effectively. The programs emphasize on decision-making and problem-solving skills. All this will prepare you for a rewarding career in business administration.

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