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Online Graduate Degrees in Information Systems

Today the world of business is driven through the emphasis on cutting edge technology. Computer Systems play a pivotal role in redesigning the business processes, in the rat race of developing better ways of doing business in order to gain competitive advantage. As a result concepts such as e-commerce have emerged and revolutionized the market place. Since information systems provide the basis for e-commerce strategies a sudden demand has emerged for the IT professionals. Further almost the all surveys carried out recently suggest that the employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations at least for the foreseeable future. Consequently a degree in Information Systems has become one of the most sought after academic qualifications in recent years.

Computer and information systems managers play a vital role in the technological direction of their organizations. As any business manager an information systems manager will also engage in the basics of management such as planning, organizing and controlling though his or her tasks will generally revolve around the use of information technology within a business. In their day to day work they will work with IT specialists such as system analysts, software engineers, database administrators etc. Therefore they need to be specialists in the filed of information systems and technology. Further if you become a project manager, in addition to the IT expertise you need to be aware of the project management techniques to establish and implement project schedules.

The IS managers coordinate activities of the IT function with the other units of the business. They are expected to discuss the issues and co-operate wherever necessary with a wide range of people such as top executives, financial, production, marketing, and other managers as well as contractors and equipment and materials suppliers. Therefore excellent communication skills are highly important for them. In addition since the IS managers act as intermediaries between IT specialists and the Business specialist within a firm, a sound understanding of business concepts is also essential. This is a reason for increased popularity for MBAs with technology as a core component among IT professionals in the recent times.

The entry level qualification requirements for a position in the field of Information Systems is generally a bachelor’s degree. However in order to climb up the career ladder you may need higher qualifications such as graduate degrees. Generally if you wish to pursue a master’s degree you need a bachelor’s degree plus work experience as pre-requisites. The online programs are ideal for those who wish to pursue your studies at your own pace. Further you can stay at home and earn your degree which makes it more affordable and convenient.

A graduate degree in Information Systems generally takes 2 years where the students will initially learn fundamentals of technologies involved in the effective use of Information Systems. System analysis and design, Data management environment, Networks, Web development are some of the fundamental topics you will learn. In addition to the IT knowledge the curriculum may include modules such as Project Management, E- Commerce, and Enterprise -Wide Computing which imparts business knowledge among the students.

Graduates of these programs typically assume senior roles in information systems analysis and design, requirements engineering, software programming, interface design and information resources management. Although earnings may vary significantly upon the specialty and the level of responsibility, for those with a master’s degree in management information systems, the starting salary averaged $56,909 in the year 2005.

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