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Earning a Master’s in Human Resource Management (MHRM)

Human resource generalists have a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including staffing, training and developing employees at all levels; managing a diverse work force; maintaining fair and equitable compensation programs; developing human resource policies and procedures; planning ways to meet future human resource needs; and ensuring that internal policies and programs conform to all laws affecting the workplace.

Human resource professionals are recognized as essential business partners who create programs and activities that impact business and contribute to its success. Larger organizations usually seek specialists with technical knowledge and skill in specific areas of human resource management. A master's degree is highly recommended for those seeking general and senior management positions in the field.

Keller’s Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program prepares students to be strategic and tactical contributors in their organizations and achieve success as HR management professionals. Coursework, taught from the practitioner’s perspective, focuses on applying HR competencies to real-world challenges and opportunities.  

MAFM degree holders are found in a wide range of career fields including:

  • Directors of human resources plan and direct human resource activities; develop and implement human resource systems and practices to accommodate a firm's strategy; and motivate and manage diverse work forces.
  • Employment, recruiting and placement managers oversee the functions of hiring and separation of employees.
  • Training and development experts conduct training sessions, administer on-the-job training programs and maintain necessary records of employee participation in all training and development programs.
  • Compensation and benefits administrators establish and maintain a firm's pay system and oversee its employee benefits program.
  • Employee and labor relations specialists interpret union contracts, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, resolve grievances and advise supervisors on union contract interpretation. They may also deal with employee grievances.
  • Health, safety and security managers develop and administer health and safety programs, and manage a firm's security program.
  • Human Resource information systems specialists manage the computerized flow of information and reports about employees, their benefits and company programs.

Keller’s MHRM Degree Program Objectives:

  • providing distinct professional human resource competencies and practical applications in human resource management to ensure that an organization's most important asset is available, capable and effective in an ever-changing business environment
  • providing an interdisciplinary perspective for strategic leadership, human resource management and decision-making so as to add value to the overall success of a business enterprise
  • preparing students to become knowledge contributors and strategic partners with top management in assessing, formulating responses to and meeting a firm's strategic goals

Courses are offered online, in-class and as a combination of both.

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