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An Online Associate Degree in Hospitality

What is hospitality?
Hospitality is rooted in ancient tradition and cultures. It’s about treating your guests like royalty, greeting a stranger with a smile or even caring for someone you don’t know when the person is ill. Hospitality has manifested into a full fledged industry by itself with an educational degree of its own. The hospitality industry is one the largest industries today and includes the likes of tourism and travel.

Hospitality degree: eligibility criteria
To be able to attain a degree in hospitality you need a minimum of 36 credits of graduate level coursework, with about 24 to 30 credits taken in the HTM department. About 6-12 credits can be taken in other departments like marketing, management, finance and operations management, sport studies or education etc.

Students are also required to possess a basic foundation in business administration before they can enroll for a degree in hospitality. They also need to have a working knowledge of computer spreadsheets, word processing tools and also a basic foundation course in marketing, finance, accounting, economics, as well as statistics. In case a student does not possess a undergraduate hospitality degree, he or she needs to take a special departmental seminar course to have a basic knowledge on hospitality and tourism industries.

Career options
With a hospitality degree a student is well equipped to handle crisis situations in management level in the industry.

With this degree there are many career optionsavailable such as in the following industries:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Motels
  • Food services departments
  • Tourist facilities
    Catering firms
    Golf and country clubs
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Universities

Specific profiles:

  • Casino and gaming supervisor. Through a hospitality degree a person can be involved in a high stake business like casinos.
  • Hotel concierge. Through this one can be responsible for making vacations a pleasure. Right from fulfilling guest requests to making impossible last minute reservations – the idea is to go out of the way to provide the best service.
  • Food and restaurant critic. This is a great option for those who are foodies and love various cuisines. However it requires a thorough knowledge of the restaurant business as well as an understanding of service levels and decorum to be able to critique these.
  • Other options include tour director and event planner.

Types of degrees
There are two types of hospitality degrees:

  • Associate degrees which can provide a base for further studies in tourism and hospitality
  • Bachelor degrees which prepare a student for a broad range of managerial roles across the hospitality and tourism industries. Naturally this degree is best for those looking for an upper management post

Courses offered
There are several kinds of courses offered in a hospitality degree such as:

  • Management in hospitality industry
  • Hospitality sales and marketing
  • International tourism
  • Destinations and cultures
  • Leadership in hospitality industry
  • Hospitality Facilities Management
  • Hospitality Information Technology
  • Hospitality Industry Law
  • Hospitality Communications
  • Management Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
  • Food and Beverage Cost Control
  • Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry
  • Business Ethics
  • Human Resource Management

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