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Writing a Scholarship Essay Colleges Will Notice

Do you know that a poorly written scholarship essay is one of the main reasons why many people fail to receive scholarships? But just think about the other side of the coin. So that means a well written, error free, interesting essay would definitely improve your chances of getting a scholarship. I know now you must be thinking about the quality of your writing. Don’t worry you are not sitting for an exam. As a result if you have ideas you can get the help of the others and come up with excellent scholarship essay.

So let us look at some of the things you should understand before you start writing your next scholarship essay.   

Choose an interesting topic  

Choosing an interesting topic is the most important thing you should do when you are writing the essay. Don’t write about the same topic everyone writes. Think differently and use your creativity to come up with a new story. People like variety and it’s universally applicable to everyone including the ones who read your essay.

When writing the essay if possible select a topic in which you can write about your unique skills, achievements and so on. Let them understand how different you are from the rest. In other words you should market yourself but in a way they do not get bored.

However some scholarship schemes do not let you the choice of selecting your own topic. Instead they will suggest a topic and may ask you to write on that. This may stifle your creativity but whatever the topic is, you should write your essay in such a way that it is interesting to read.

Make it simple and watch out the writing style

Another point where many people get it wrong is when someone overcomplicates his/her essay with the introduction tongue twisting vocabulary. Their perception is that higher the complexity of the words used, better the article will be. However by the use of complicated terminology you create the risk of difficulty to grasp even for your evaluators. Guess what? They will never waste their time trying to understand what you mean.

Not only your essay should be in simple writing, it should be concise as well. Do not beat around the bush and drag the discussion too long. Simply write all your sentences short and to the point and especially avoid bluffing.  

Use active voice to sound interesting. Passive voice sounds dull and flat. As a result it disturbs the reader and prevents the reader from building a positive image. In addition vary the style of your sentences to avoid boredom. It is boring when you start every sentence the same way. 

Keep it error free

Grammatical and spelling errors count a lot in something like a scholarship essay. Such errors never give the impression that you are worth awarding a scholarship. So take your time. Research extensively and write properly. Never rush the things at the last minute and finish your essay on the deadline date. You should leave sufficient time to show it to others and get their feedback on it. You may think it is enough if you edit it several times but still it is worthwhile to get other people to do that because more often than not they might see the errors that you don’t.

Writing a scholarship essay colleges will notice is challenging. Especially your essay should sound interesting, easy to grasp and error free. So when you write your next scholarship essay, give your special attention to these areas and if you do so your success is guaranteed. 

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