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Are you interested in advancing your career? Then you should consider increasing your education! believes in education and encourages stay at home moms to move from Cradle to Career by working toward a degree online while their children are young. Our Education for Moms section offers information on everything you need to know to make your education possible.

Elementary Education

What is elementary education?
Elementary education is provided in colleges and provides for a wide variety of choice in subjects offered. To be able to be eligible for a course in elementary education, a student needs to have completed either 2 elementary education minors or one elementary education major, coupled with an elementary education minor.

Eligibility criteria
To be eligible for a degree in elementary education, a student needs to have taken the ACT exam, coupled with an average GPA of about 2.00. Those who are transferring to another elementary education program, need to have requisite GPA as desired by the department.

A candidate needs to have at least 36 credit hours, out of which a minimum of 30 credit hours needs to be related to graduate courses. All the work has to be completed in seven calendar years.

How to become an elementary school teacher?
To become an elementary school teacher one needs to have

  • passed the Michigan basic skills test
  • passed pedagogy tests in subject majors and minors
  • had a minimum GPA of 2.50
  • Apart from these they also need to have met the FSU graduation requirements

To become a successful and effective teacher, one needs to master the necessary teaching skills in addition to the specialized knowledge in the particular subject.

Apart from this, the candidate also needs to complete a minimum of 35 credit hours, comprising both junior and senior courses. Out of the last 60 credit hours, at least 30 credit hours must be related to the particular field of study. These 30 credit hours will typically also include teaching and methods courses in the main subjects. A prospective candidate also needs to have a letter of recommendation from the academic advisor of the student, in addition to an approval from the faculty of the institute.

The duration of elementary education training for teachers extends up to 24 months or 2 years, with a requirement of completing at least 120 semester hours.

Benefits of an elementary education
An elementary education can really open doors of opportunities for any student. It enhances the chances of getting a great job, a better salary and a better standard of living. An elementary education is essential to all people because it shapes the rest of their lives as well as determines the quality of life at a later stage. It also determines the mental state of mind of a person. Statistics show that people who possess an educational qualification have a better frame of mind, are more equipped to interact socially, are able to take care of their families better and have a better sense of self esteem and confidence. Whereas, people without an education suffer from depression, lack of confidence, which manifests itself in several bad habits such as alcohol, smoking and sometimes even drugs. Such people feel inadequate and unable to take care of their family. They have a lack of direction to their lives and are easily dejected. Therefore it is essential to get an education for personal and professional betterment.

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