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Are you interested in advancing your career? Then you should consider increasing your education! believes in education and encourages stay at home moms to move from Cradle to Career by working toward a degree online while their children are young. Our Education for Moms section offers information on everything you need to know to make your education possible.

An Associate Degree in Business Administration

The Business world needs people who can handle today’s ultra complex environment including the challenges brought about by the effects of globalization. Business administers are expected to help retain competitiveness despite environmental, political, sociological and technological changes. Therefore businesses are focusing more and more on recruiting staff with sound academic qualifications. Especially the top managerial positions often require a master’s degree with considerable years of experience with the basic qualification for an entry level job in either the private or public sector being a bachelor’s degree.

Business Administrators of today’s world should be versatile. They are expected to continuously find innovative ways and means to achieve competitive advantage. There are of course many paths to choose from, if you wish to become a business administrator. If you happen to be a business manager you may engage in a diverse range of activities such as formulating policies, managing daily operations, planning the use of inputs etc. But if you become a financial manager you may focus yourself into controlling the financial performance and the position of the firm. On the other hand, Marketing managers are involved primarily in managing demand through pricing strategy and advertising.

Whatever the specialization you wish to obtain, any business administrator requires a basic understanding of every business function in order to make practical decisions which affect the entire organization. This is where an Associate degree in Business Administration can help provide a stable foundation.

If you are a bizymom who is committed to your children at home, has dropped out after high school but still nurtures dreams of earning your business administration degree one day – then an online associate degree in business administration is ideal for you.

There are Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees available under the business administration category. The programs are ideally created to cater people who prefer to stay at home and learn. The students are allowed to study at their own pace and times with no lectures or pop quizzes and most importantly without the hassle of commuting to classes. These programs offer a foundation to develop business knowledge and skills which involves a combination of Marketing, Finance, Communication and Strategic management fundamentals. Further these will emphasize on adapting to the information age in which we live and the ways of using the technology efficiently.

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