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Actually, itís not about ďgettingĒ your teen to talk. Thatís been part of the problem all along Ė kids feeling tugged at and interrogated and cajoled into conversations that donít interest them..
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Champions are willing to do the things they dislike to create something they do like. Don't let the things that matter most be at the mercy of the things that matter least.
~ Dexter Yager

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Hello Readers! I hope you enjoyed last edition's interview with Sandy Louth of
AdminSpecialties. You can read the interview again, rate it and pass it on to a friend by visiting http://www.bizymoms.com/bizynews. From that link you can also read interviews with other business owners and will find future editions of the BizyNews, so bookmark it, check back often and send the link to all the "BizyMoms" on your email list! Today's Interview is with Leigh Woods who owns a specialty pillow business, Mumoocie. Enjoy and learn everything you can from her experiences...That's what the new BizyNews is all about!
Susan Hutson - VP, Bizymoms.com Marketing and Content
Business of the month - September 2009

Name : Leigh Woods

Email Address : woods@mumoocie.com

What kind of Business do you run? Children's' specialty pillows.

When did you start it? 2007.

Why did you start it? As a single parent my child was afraid to sleep alone. I was looking for something that would make my daughter feel safe and would remind her of me while she slept.

What was your inspiration? My own child.

How much capital in terms of resources did you invest to start up your business? $120,000.

Do you have a website for your business? If yes please provide itwww.mumoocie.com

Who are your main customers? What demographic are they mostly from? It was invented for children, however we have found that adults who like to spoon are purchasing our product too.

What do you feel are the basic goals that a business such as yours should reach in the first year? Establishing a need for your product; determining the market for your product; knowing if any competitors are out there.

For anyone who wishes to start their own WAH business in the same industry as yours
what are your top three pieces of advice?
 Have a product you are passionate about. Be able to network. Manufacture a quality product you would use.

Has this business venture allowed you to spend more time or less time with your family? More time.

What are the top three marketing strategies that you employed to achieve success for your business? Finding low cost joint ventures. Seeking companies to work on a commission only basis. Social networking sites such as Twitter.

What goals are next for your business? I would like our tradmarked name to become a household name.

Where do you see your business in another 10 years? We are proud to manufacture our product in the U.S.A. We would like to manufacture it ourselves to cut down the cost.

Name the top three products and/or services your business provides and their respective benefits to the customer/consumer -  Our patented torso shape pillow called Mumoocie provides security, comfort and gives you a better night's sleep.The pillow retains heat/scent and even has a voice recorder so you can be comforted by a loved one's voice.

Has your business been recognized in any way by the media or any awards organization? If so please state how you were chosen and what kind of recognition your business has achieved. Yes. Self Magazine tested and spoke to a doctor about our pillow. The tester there at Self said she did sleep better with our pillow. We were also featured on Fox News in Phoenix, Arizona.

How many times a year do you offer special discounts on your products or services? When?  We are currently offering all Twitter customers a $10-off savings.

Share with us two positive comments your customers have said about your product and/or service. A man with Cerebral Palsy purchased our pillow and wrote to us saying how much it had helped his neck at night. A mother of twins wrote to us saying how much Mumoocie has helped her twin daughters. Co-sleeping is a huge problem with a lot of children. In this case the mom wanted the twins to sleep in there own bed. One was afraid because she always had her sister there. She said the mumoocie helped the one twin and would highly recommend it.

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