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Baby Clean Fun

Sell tot cooperation to Moms.
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Name : Michelle Cruz

Email Address : michelle@babycleanfun.com

What kind of Business do you run? Sell tot cooperation to Moms.

When did you start it? 2007

Why did you start it? To share our secret on getting little ones to cooperate and turn frustrations into fun times. We thought we were on to something.

What was your inspiration? I was inspired by my friend and Co-Creator Beth. She got her baby to cooperate as she'd wipe his dirty face with a wet paper towel just because she transformed this annoying task into a fun bonding moment by singing "Mr. Washcloth." When I had my first child, I remembered that moment and asked her for the words. Then my friends started asking me. It worked so well that we thought if this could work for this challenge, it could work for every other daily task. Before we knew it, we had 16 more catchy tunes.

How much capital in terms of resources did you invest to start up your business? $10,000

Do you have a website for your business? If yes please provide it.  www.babycleanfun.com

Who are your main customers? What demographic are they mostly from? Usually women with kids under 2 years. Also, women who are buying a gift for a new mom. We also do really well with grandmothers. Surprisingly, grandmothers have been our biggest demographic.

What do you feel are the basic goals that a business such as yours should reach in
the first year?
 Brand awareness and word of mouth. We made our goal to make our money back in the first year, which we did. However, that was with very little marketing. I would say that paving your brand and building your awareness for the long term is more important.

For anyone who wishes to start their own WAH business in the same industry as yours
what are your top 3 pieces of advice?

1) Write and stick to a Business Plan. Even though you are your own boss, it is easy, and watch your spending; even spending too little can hinder you when it comes to marketing to get derailed by kids and life.

2) Use the internet. Immediately get a website, get on Facebook and Twitter. We were late on Twitter and we learned the hard way.

3) Don't be afraid of rejection. You will hear "No" many times but it only takes one "Yes."

Has this business venture allowed you to spend more time or less time with your
 Less, but that is not a bad thing. It gives me an outlet for my passion and that makes me a better mom.

What are the top three marketing strategies that you employed to achieve success for
your business?

1) Internet - website, email, Facebook, and Twitter.
2) Public Relations - Getting on TV, radio, Mommy blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc.
3) Performing or demonstrating our product through hosting multiple story times. Performances at Barnes & Noble. We love to host story times.

What goals are next for your business? To increase sales and distribution nationally. There are still many people who have never heard of Baby Clean Fun.

Where do you see your business in another 10 years? Expanding Baby Clean Fun to include toys, videos, and more music.

Name the top 3 products and/or services your business provides and their respective
benefits to the customer/consumer. 
Baby Clean Fun specializes in one thing and one product. We sell moms cooperation of small children through fun songs.

Has your business been recognized in any way by the media or any awards organization? If so, please state how you were chosen and what kind of recognition your business has achieved. Baby Clean Fun is Pediatrician and Speech Pathologist recommended. Baby Clean Fun won SCORE "Business of the Year." We were recognized as "A Big Idea" on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" and much more. Please see "Awards and Media" at www.babycleanfun.com

How many times a year do you offer special discounts on your products or services?
 We always offer Free Shipping.

Share with us two positive feedback comments your customers have said about your
product and/or service.
 Moms love "Gotta Brush" and "Soap and Bubbles" because the length of time it takes to sing those two songs are the recommended times it takes to brush little teeth and wash tiny hands. My favorite is when moms tell me their child's favorite song.