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Bizymoms has been empowering women to start and succeed with their own home business for more than 10 years!  Now, our Premier Business Newsletter, The BizyNews, takes empowering women to a new level... Each edition of our Business Newsletter will bring you the personal success story of a home business mom just like you! Through these success stories, our readers will learn from each other, feel a sense of mentorship and gain the encouragement they need to take the next step in their own business.  


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Customers Have Responsibilities Too!
If crafting is your passion, don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

Customers Have Responsibilities, Too

Being a salesperson has a pretty obvious job description. Have you ever seen a job description of being a customer?

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Other Home Business Success Stories
Mumoocie Children’s
Specialty pillows. Read Mumoocie’s story
The two runner up Businesses of the Year 2009
1. Bklynfavors Custom Party Supply Store
2. Baby Clean Fun
The number one winner will receive a 30 minute call with at least one Bizymoms' seo and marketing expert plus a marketing package consisting of one press release, five marketing articles and 5 comments written, organized and submitted by Bizymoms' marketing team. The two runners up will receive a marketing package of one press release and one marketing article. All three winners will be featured on the homepage for one month.

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