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Exclusive Personalized Gift Business Software Create the hottest selling personalized gifts using our exclusive 5-in-1 personalized gift business software!

gift business

Visit our “Business Opportunity” web page for more information.
As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. The sample gift shown below is what we refer to as a "first name meaning gift". A very popular type of gift for couples of all ages. Your wholesale cost approx. $3.25, suggested retail price up to $19.95.
gift business

Make serious money with a personalized
gift business and enjoy what you're doing!

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Own your own personalized Gift Business!

As a Personalized gift business owner, your customers will absolutely love the beautiful personalized gifts that you’ll create for them. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to receive a personalized gift, then you’re already aware of the warmth and heartfelt appreciation experienced by the recipient as well as the individual giving the gift. I think it is safe to assume that everyone appreciates seeing their name in print, especially when it's printed on a beautiful art background with a thoughtful message chosen especially for them. As a personalized gift business owner, you'll have everything you need to create exceptional quality personalized gifts that your customers will be thrilled to give to others, as well as purchase for themselves.

No expensive equipment or time consuming processes are required to operate this personalized gift business. In less than two minutes, you can create a typical personalized gift that will reward you with unheard of profits ranging from 300%–4000%. 

Using your computer and our exclusive personalized Gift Business Software and supplies, you’ll have everything you need to start your personalized gift business and begin creating the hottest selling personalized gifts. You’ll be able to create appropriate gifts for every possible occasion. e.g. First Name Meaning Gifts, Last Name History Gifts, Coat of Arms Gifts, Personalized Poetry Gifts, Popular Bible Verse Gifts, Famous Quotation Gifts and Family Tree Gifts too.

This is a great extra income opportunity for busy moms or a full time opportunity if and when desired.


No special equipment or formal skills are required beyond owning a computer and being comfortable typing on a keyboard. This personalized Gift Business opportunity is particularly well suited for individuals desiring to touch others in a positive way by providing them with thoughtful and inspirational personalized gifts.

Selling Methods

Online web-store, flea markets, mall carts & kiosks, fairs & festivals, gift stores, military bases, retail stores, fund raising, churches, home parties, friends and family, etc.

Start-Up Costs
5 start-up packages are available with prices ranging from $249 to $995, + shipping. Additional supplies can be purchased as desired.

A retail web-store is offered as an option if you desire to sell the products on-line. Cost: A one time set-up fee of $49, plus a $20 per month subscription fee.
Training And Sales Support

Manuals, toll free telephone support and e-mail support is available to help you start
your personalized gift business.

Bonuses or Incentives
Start-up package bonuses or incentives will be clearly marked on our website: (Sales prices are subject to change)

Individuals purchasing the Platinum Start-up Package enjoy ongoing special pricing for selected supplies.
A Windows based computer and printer.
Your earnings will be based entirely upon your efforts. We encourage you to visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer you and request a free sample gift so you can see precisely the type of gifts that you can create for your customers. No cost or obligation. A further thought to consider; as Personal Touch business owner, you'll save a bundle on gift giving. You'll have everything you need to create beautiful gifts, appropriate for every possible occasion in just a couple of minutes. Wishing you every success!
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