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Color Me Beautiful – Beauty Products Business Opportunity
Chris & Melissa Toppenberg, Owners - TopsLifeStyle

To learn more about the TopsLifeStyle Business Opportunity please click here

1. Tell us about the start of TopLifestyle.

We now both get to work from home and live a lifestyle that we once only dreamed about, but it was not always that way! TopsLifestyle was started two years ago when we were looking for a way for me to stay home with our two children. With a strong desire to home school and NOT have our children in daycare, we embarked on the journey of searching for a home business that fit our needs. Chris and I wanted a product line that would be something that would enrich the lives of the people who used it. We wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I was going to have the sole responsibility of getting the business off the ground so it had to be something that could fit into my already busy schedule of being a full time hairdresser and mom, and the power to bring me home in a relatively short amount of time. We had been through so many work-from-home opportunities! After 3 years of searching I knew what I wanted in a business! It had to be simple with a proven system set in place. It also had to have real mentorship from real people that I could call on when I needed assistance. And a huge importance, it needed to be profitable! Generating enough income to bring me home and eventually Chris as well.

2. What inspired you to start this business?

Our inspiration is our two young kids, period! We wanted to give them the best part of "us" possible. Working a job we gave our employer the best part and the kids got what ever was left after we came home exhausted. On top of that there was never enough money to give them the things we wanted, like piano and tennis lessons to name a few. There was just never enough money. We were ready to put a end to all that!

3. What is the secret behind the success of TopLifestyle?

The magic dust here is that we have the perfect combination of key ingredients. A stellar Personal Development product line with a high profit margin and live one-on one mentorship. All that with a community of successful entrepreneurs who work together for the benefit of everyone involved! No secrets here! There is not one person here who would not gladly open their “play book” and show you just how they built their business!

4. Let's talk about the TopLifestyle business opportunity.

The right person for this business is one who is ready to take their financial future in their own hands. To stop trading their time for money and finally get paid what they are worth! With no sales quotas or minimums that ever have to be met your income is finally completely up to you!
Whatever your income goal is, it can be met and most likely exceeded with this business.

5. Do you believe that yours is a good opportunity for women?

This business gives Mom’s the opportunity to generate the income they need while devoting the best part of themselves to the people who matter the most in their life! Women can and DO have it all here! Money and time freedom!

You really can be a extremely success business owner and Mom, all while allowing your self enough down time to really enjoy the abundance and blessings you have in your life!

6. What is your advise for for a Mom Looking to be an entrepreneur?

Our best advice for any mom looking to be an entrepreneur is to be clear on what you want. What kind of income you require to have the lifestyle you deserve. Don’t give up until you find that perfect fit, it’s out there!

To learn more about the TopsLifeStyle Business Opportunity please click here

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