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Kris Murray - CEO of Daycare Systems LLC

To learn more about Daycare Systems Business Opportunity please click here

1. Tell us about the start of Daycare Systems LLC.

It’s actually kind of a funny story.  In the spring of 2007, I was surfing the Internet, and came across a great website that was listed for sale by another mom of young children.  This website was an e-commerce business, which means it was already set up as a virtual store, selling information to women on how to start their own child care business.  The website is, and it had good traffic & products, so I purchased it in July 2007, and that was the start of Daycare Systems LLC.  From the beginning, my goal has been to grow the business 10-fold in two years’ time.  So far, we are on track to meet that goal.

2. What inspired you to start this business?

I started Daycare Systems LLC because I wanted to create better information & tools for women who want to start their own child care business, as well as daycare owners who want to be more profitable.  The need for quality child care in the U.S., and throughout the world, is so important, and many people in this business feel overwhelmed by all the skills you must have to be a successful child care business owner.  My mission is to help people become successful and have a happier lifestyle by learning and using core business skills, and making more profits.

3.  What is the secret behind the success of Daycare Systems LLC?

Three key things.  First, we constantly test & track all our efforts, and strive for improvement each time.  Second, we try to be the best in our industry for providing solid, real-world success strategies.  Third, we listen to our customers about what’s working for them and what’s not.  Many of my competitors sell daycare starter kits on the Internet, but they don’t even have a phone number where customers can call if they have a problem.  We try to respond quickly to help people, and we use customer feedback to improve and get better over time.

4.  Let us talk about the Daycare Systems LLC business opportunity? 

The business opportunity that I provide is showing other moms how to start their own profitable child care business using my easy, step-by-step course called The Daycare Success System.  The easiest & fastest way to get started is to run this business from your home, by creating a space in your home that will serve as your daycare center.  There are many advantages to a home-based child care business – here are some of the key benefits:

  • Fast Start-Up Time: The set up and preparation for opening a home daycare can be accomplished within a few weeks or months, depending on the state you live in. With the Daycare Success System, you can use the checklists and forms to get started faster, often in a matter of weeks. In fact, I guarantee that you can open the doors of your new child care business in 4 weeks or less if you use my system.
  • Very Low Out-of-Pocket Cost: The initial set-up costs for setting up your home daycare are substantially lower than that of setting up a center. A typical in-home daycare can be set up for less than $1,000, depending on what you already own. Compare this to a child care center, where the costs to get started can range from $50,000-$100,000 or more, depending on your options of purchasing an established center, renting/leasing a building or buying a building for the center.
  • Tax Advantages: Operation of a home daycare allows you to take advantage of many tax breaks. For example, a portion of many of the items you already pay for, such as rent, mortgage interest, taxes, utilities, etc. can be deducted as a business expense. The amount determined is calculated by the amount of time & square footage your home is used for daycare purposes (called the time-space percentage).
  • Low Overhead: Your costs are much lower on an ongoing basis to run a child care business out of your home. You may have just one part-time employee, or none at all – compared to a full staff at a center. Your food costs can be offset by the Federal Food Program, which will also save you money. Your main costs will be supplies, food / beverages, insurance, and advertising.
  • Flexibility: With home-based daycare, you have a great deal of flexibility in determining your hours and days of operation. If you choose to close for two weeks’ vacation, you have the opportunity to do so. It also allows you the option of operating full or part-time. In fact, you may find that there’s a need for “before & after-school” care in your neighborhood, and you can structure your program to fill that need. You also have more flexibility with your program in general, in terms of your daily schedule, if you want to offer curriculum / learning, etc.
  • You Can Spend the Day with Your Children. With a home daycare, your own children can be part of your daily routine and you get to care for them along with your enrolled children.
  • You Can Make a Solid Income.  The average in-home daycare generates a gross income of $47,232 each year, before expenses & taxes.  You can make even more than that by adding drop-in care, before & after care, or expanding to a second shift.

5. Do you believe that yours is a good opportunity for women?

It’s an excellent opportunity for women who have a strong desire to be their own boss, make a good income, and want to take care of their own children each day.  For many women, this is the perfect way to accomplish their goal of staying home with their children while making a good living.  To be honest, I would have to say the biggest downside to this business is the long hours.  Most home daycares are open from around 7:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night, which makes for a fairly long day.  However, as the business owner, you do have the flexibility to set your own schedule, and you may find you are able to find clientele who require a shorter day, say from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

6. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about Daycare Systems LLC.?

We offer women a way to be their own boss, kiss that long commute goodbye, and be home with their children.  We provide coaching & a step-by-step system so they feel supported in their new endeavor, and they have a place to go to ask questions and get guidance on business issues.

7. Do you think women can have it all?

I think it’s absolutely possible to balance a career with motherhood, especially a work-from-home career.  Working from home allows you to spend more quality time with your children, while still achieving personal goals and making a good income. 

However, women still need to look at all areas of their life and make sure that things are in balance.  If you find that your new career is not allowing you time to exercise, eat right, or get personal errands accomplished, you are not going to perform at your optimum level, and you may even feel burnt-out, stressed, or angry.  If you need to get more personal time, you may need to hire an assistant for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon.  For example, you could hire a college or high-school student to assist you, pay them a low hourly rate, and perhaps run some errands or get paperwork done during nap-time in your daycare business.

8. Your advice to our mom entrepreneurs?

The best advice I can give is to pursue your passion.  If you are going to spend every day being an entrepreneur, choose a path that you love, that you could easily see yourself devoting the next 5 to 10 years to pursue & perfect.  If you’ve always wanted to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher, you may find that owning a child care business will suit your personality perfectly. 

Also, think about your natural strengths and determine if this new career will be a good match for those strengths.  What will be the biggest challenges you’ll have in this new endeavor, and are you willing to face & conquer those challenges?  By talking to other women who have taken a similar path, you’ll learn if this new endeavor is right for you.

To learn more about Daycare Systems Business Opportunity please click here