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Color Me Beautiful
Color Me Beautiful – Beauty Products Business Opportunity
S. DiAntonio - CEO of Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics

To learn more about the Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics Business Opportunity please click here

1. Tell us the story behind Color Me Beautiful?

It all started with a book, Color Me Beautiful, a best seller on how to determine your best colors. The original Color Me Beautiful book has sold more than 16 million copies and was the New York Times #1 bestseller for 11 consecutive years. Our newest book, Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful, just released, updates the colors and expands into further areas of image

Color Me Beautiful uses the seasonal color theory to help women identify their best wardrobe and cosmetic colors and put together a total image. In ’88 we thought ‘why not apply the same concept to cosmetics and build a business around it?’ The business took off in’93. By 2004, we were suppliers to large department store chains such as Macy’s, Dillard’s, JC Penny, The Bay, Bon Ton and others. Color Me beautiful was selected twice as JC Penney’s Supplier-of-the-Year and once as Macy’s Supplier Of The Year. In 2000, Ernst & Young and CNN named Color Me Beautiful the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, for the Mid-Atlantic area.

In 2005, to give our clients better, more personalized advice, we shifted focus from department stores to selling through entrepreneurs, particularly through home-based entrepreneurs. History is now in the making.

2. What makes Color Me Beautiful unique?

At Color Me Beautiful, we offer home-based business owners well-known cosmetic brands: Adrien Arpel, FloriRoberts, Patti Labelle, Gale Hayman and Color Me Beautiful – well established brands with morethan 20 years of successful experience within department stores. This is a huge benefit as Consultants are selling products with name recognition which have been sought-after for decades. Where else can you join a company, where you already have 20 years worth of customers ready to buy your products, and get in on the ground floor?  

Our color authority also makes us unique. The popularity of our books on color means more business for our Consultants. Consultants can offer life-changing advice that makes a big difference in how their clients look and feel about themselves. Helping clients with color and image definitely sets our Consultants apart.

Finally, we’re one of the only companies encouraging Consultants not to carry inventory. We believe in keeping it simple and hassle-free. We teach our Consultants to talk to clients about their fabulous products and then let the company handle the inventory, shipping and administrative work. We can ship directly to your clients and you receive a monthly commission check. Why tie-up your profits with purchasing inventory?

3. Please tell us more about the earning opportunity at Color Me Beautiful.

Almost all of our Beauty Consultants start part-time. Most start by committing 4 to 8 hours a week. They sell to friends, office colleagues, at church or social gatherings, etc. You can earn $1,000 a month working very part-time.

For those interested in being a leader and helping others soar, you’ve got ‘sky’s the limit earning potential. A number of our leaders, having been in the business six to eight months, are already earning $3,000 to $5,000 a month. These women are selling product and developing a team of Consultants who follow their example. And, as a leader, you can earn a Mercedez 350

4. Describe the person who succeeds with a Color Me Beautiful business?

Our most successful Beauty Consultants, involved part-time, work their cosmetic business on a consistent basis week to week.  Successful Consultants tend to love cosmetics and want to help women look and feel good. They also enjoy the excitement and glamour of the industry.

Our Leaders, who have built a team of Beauty Consultants, are not only good at selling products. They also love sponsoring others and helping them do well.

5. What tools do you offer to help a woman, with no business experience, succeed?

We believe in ongoing training. Each Beauty Consultant gets a Career Pack which includes everything she needs to be successful - a training manual complete with how tos and scripts, samples of our best selling products, and business materials including product catalogs. With the product samples and tools, you can begin making money immediately.

In addition, Consultants are encouraged to participate in face-to-face trainings and weekly development conference calls. At these trainings, you learn product knowledge, selling techniques and other skills critical to running a successful business.

You also have the opportunity to own your own personal website. This is a big marketing tool. We help set it up and it’s easy to do. You demonstrate your products to clients who, in turn, buy from your website 24/7.

Also, and this is big, our Consultants are encouraged not to carry inventory. Products are shipped directly to their clients by the company and the Consultant receives a commission check of up to 40% of sales. We call this At Your Service. Some Consultants are earning $1,500 or so a month in commissions from At Your Service sales.

6. Can you tell me about a mom in your business who others here at Bizymoms can relate to?

Let me tell you about a woman who inspires me. Lillie Boyd Jarrott, from South Carolina, was crippled financially. When she joined Color Me Beautiful. Lillie has no college education and had a job that did not pay much. She was struggling to raise her daughter and was the chief breadwinner of the household.

Lillie talked about Color Me Beautiful to everyone she met. When she came across a woman who wanted to get out of her job and own her own business, Lillie told her Color Me Beautiful was the place to be.

Lillie was at Bell South for 31 years and is now making more in one month than she did in 4 months at Bell. Lillie now has a six-figure income, drives a Mercedes E320, has a new home, put her daughter through college and is living a great life. In Lillie’s case it was perseverance and her desire to give her family a better life that made her succeed.

7. Tell us more about your concept of making 'the Beauty Consultant the hero'?

Consultants teach clients how to look great wearing their best makeup, clothing, accessories and jewelry colors. They teach makeup application and how to keep skin looking healthy and young. They take pride in giving great advice and giving exceptional customer care.

Our role is to help Consultants achieve their dreams through this business. In addition to our strong training and effective and fun products, we have exceptional compensation and reward programs. It’s wonderful to see a Consultants develop as a business owner. I love giving $5,000 or $7,000 monthly commission checks. And, my very best days are when I have the privilege of awarding a Consultant the keys to a new Mercedes. Consultants can also earn exotic cruises, beautiful jewelry, a Mercedes Benz etc. We believe in spending every possible, available dollar on our Beauty Consultants– through training and rewards.

8. How does it feel to be a man in a woman's world?

It’s wonderful. What I love the most about Color Me Beautiful is it’s a business which empowers. We help bring out a woman’s entrepreneurial spirit.

I love it when we write out big checks to our Beauty Consultants or when someone buys a new home with her Color Me Beautiful earnings. And I love to present a new Mercedes to a successful Consultant. It’s an incredible feeling!

9. Any advice for our mompreneurs?

Be focused. And determined. That’s what makes a successful business owner. Don’t stop because you fail once or twice. Learn from your mistakes and use failure as encouragement to keep going till you reach what you’re after.

To learn more about the Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics Business Opportunity please click here 

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