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Andy Concilio - CEO of Original PhotoThrow

To learn more about The Original PhotoThrow Business Opportunity please click here

1. How did such an interesting concept as Photo Throw come about?

Well without looking to bore you, here is the short version of how the concept came about: I have been in the domestic knitting businesssince I was a kid. As the knitting machines were entering the computer age (late 1980's)sweater designers were using CAD systems. As a production knitter, there came a need to be get those designs into the machines. To answer this, someone developed a crude way to video shoot the design on a table. One day, I was just looking at the device and thinking to myself "Wow, what would happen if I put a picture there?". So I did just that. It was a picture of my then 9 year old son and that is how the concept knit a picture and capture a moment.

2.  What inspired you to start this business?

To be honest, in 1999, not realizing the potential of the PhotoThrow at first, a friend of mine brought me to a mall and helped me obtain a kiosk. So I worked that kiosk in the evening while working at the knitting plant during the days. Since this was the first time that the public would ever see such a product, I did not know how the PhotoThrow would sell. I had to play with different price levels and formulate a system so that people would get the right order. Little did I know how much people loved it. I was suddenly in a situation where people were begging me to take their money and were crying when they received their order. This was an entrepeneurs dream. But more than that, I was making people happy and I feel in love with it all.

3.  How has Photo Throw evolved from where it started?

Again, in the beginning, there was no way to determine if this idea would sell. Since 1999 when we introduced the PhotoThrows to the world, we have grown from one kiosk in a small mall in NY to where we are now sold all over the US and Canada and even some countries in Europe. Looking back on it all, I never could have dreamed that we would ever get to this point.

4.  What is the secret behind the success of Photo Throw?

There are a few different things from the proprietary software that was developed for fastwer production to bar codes for tracking items throughout the plant to our legendary turn around time of 1 day. But I believe that the real secret to our success is the softness of the fabric (it is just like a sweater) that helps bring out so much emotion from the recipient. It is that very emotion, coupled with the ability to wrap oneself with a loved one or a special memory that keeps people, places and /or things special for everyone. So many people write to us thanking us for making this product for them. How many other business' can say that?

5.  Let us talk about the Photo Throw Business Opportunity?  

This is simply the best deal there is. How can you beat this? Someone can be in their own business, making their customers happy, no need to tie up money in inventory since everything is custom made, have a very low cost of entry, no quotas to meet, or recurring fees. No need to purchase equipment or to anything except send their customers picture to PhotoThrow to produce, pack and ship their order for them while they reap the profits upfront.

6. Do you believe that yours is a good opportunity for women?

I believe that this is the perfect opportunity for women. In fact, we have even won an award from the International Association of Mothers Working At Home and have been honored by Kristi Frank from the TV show "The Apprentice".

7. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about Photo Throw?

This would be too long a list but for this article, I have to say the greatest thing is the exceptionally low cost of entry. For example, for a one time fee of $399 we offer a comlete package of samples all customized for you as well as your very own custom built web site. In short, for so little money, you are given the tools to succeed in a rapidly growing industry.  

8. Do you think women can have it all?

Of course women can have it all. I have seen my own mom go from a battered wife, to break away, start her own business and become very successful. Sometimes they just need a break or a simple way to get that start that they want. That's why I believe so deeply in the PhotoThrow and it shows in the type of customers that we have which are mostly women. 

9. Your advice to our mom entrepreneurs?

Identify your dream and believe that they can be realized. Take some time to find the opportunity that is best for you. It's NOT just how much it cost to start or even continue to do that business but rather it should be something that you truly enjoy doing. The more passionate you are about the cause, the easier it will be for you to achieve the level of success that you want. Remember that your dreams are yours and no one but you can take them from you.

To learn more about The Original PhotoThrow Business Opportunity please click here