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Frank Scurlock - CEO of Space Walk

1. Tell us about how it all started?

Inflatables for recreational use started in 1962 in New Orleans Louisiana. It was invented by my father, John Scurlock. It was a small home grown thing that has turned into an International phenomenon.

2. Why did you decide to franchise your business?

Seeing people wanted to play, not only in New Orleans but everywhere, we developed our unique Partner Program. Further, a lot of people could not afford the cost of equipment or the required items such as insurance, marketing, etc. So we designed our unique Partner Program. Purchase of the equipment is just the beginning for any business and we help people fulfill their potential.

3. Let's talk about your franchising opportunity.

This is a unique concept that allows people to get in the Inflatable rental business without the high cost of equipment and the home office provides the back office support. The local office provides the reservation taking and rental fulfillment. Currently, it cost less than $5000 to get into. When people join they attend a 3 day training session at the Home Office in New Orleans. We also offer a reservation scheduling program to organize the rentals.

4. What do your existing franchisees say about being a part of Space Walk?

You would need to ask them but everyone comes into our program for different reasons. What we attempt to do is live up to our slogan of "Here comes Fun." We are also proud to be a Christian based business and our business model is based on Integrity.

5. Do you believe that yours is a good opportunity for women?

Absolutely. What is neat about it is that it allows stay at home moms to take the reservations during the week from home and other family members fill the rentals which are mostly on the weekends. However, in several of our locations, the moms do the delivery as well if needed.

6. Describe your ideal franchisee.

Currently our system allows for all types. We have full time and part time locations that have as few as 3 items in inventory, to ones with more than 100, depending on market size. We are moving in the direction to only allow full time locations and also store-fronts.

7. How successful is Space Walk today?

Well, we have more than 200 locations and growing daily. Not only will we be opening up new locations, but we will start adding additional services to make this a full time opportunity should a location choose.

8. Your advice to our mompreneurs ...

What really is different about our concept is that we are not selling anything but giving the opportunity to people to take this to their own level. While the locations require the Inflatables themselves, that is just one part. The Home office support, services offered and networking with other like minded dealers has proven to be invaluable.