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I have an extensive background in network marketing and I am now expanding through the power of internet marketing to introduce individuals to a very lucrative, rewarding and honest turn-key in-home business for the masses world-wide. Anyone who is in need of significant income streams immediately with an ROI of only 30 days or less should definetly take a very serious look at what this business has to offer. We have already helped hundredís of average people earn over $4,000 in their first 60 days part-time and we are still in pre-launch. The official launch is scheduled for July 23. Anyone who joins today receives enough travel points to go to the Bahamas with a friend for free or to Disney Land for 4 nights, again free. This opportunity comes complete with all the tools and training necessary to succeed in todayís market including your very own travel portal website which family and friends can book their vacations through, daily conference call training and two optional internet marketing systems that do the work load for you while you are busy or even sleeping. There is no down side to this new venture as your initial investment (membership) comes with the travel points, just choose the trip you want and go even if you didnít make a dime. The marketing plan is absolutely the finest, simpliest and most rewarding plan in the industry today. As a new member, all you have to do to qualify for unlimited $500 bonuses is sell two memberships, thatís it. Most of us are joining with our friends and going on the same vacations together with our points and this is why there is nothing out there in the market that compares.


Selling Methods

This system is set up so that the new member can immediately get instant results and commissions simply by telling a few family or friends about the exciting travel destinations and the potential part-time income. Word of mouth via phone, email or social networks is the quickest and easiest method but we havenít stopped there. As mentioned above, there are (2) optional internet marketing systems available and only exclussive to this venture. The first is an email campaign system that automatically sends out inviting emails to pre qualified prospects. Once a prospect answers the landing pages which are also provided, they become your instant lead and future business team partner. You purchase leads and the system riffles through them for you while you sleep. The second system available is an internet money making machine system that pre-qualifyís individuals who respond to your ads world-wide. They funnel through, get qualified and join your team without you even lifting a finger. This system was just launced June 1.


Start-Up Costs

To become a member, the cost is $350 (membership fee) and $47 (administration fee) for a onetime total of $397 U.S. The optional systems are $17/mth (Email system) and $99/mth (Internet Ad system). With this venture, the only other cost to you is phone calls, business cards or anything else you use to promote your new business. There is an option to upgrade your membership for $500 which gives you a bonus of 1500 travel points and opens your second income center. Now you can receive $500 and $1,000 pay days simultaneously. Some distributorís are earning this daily.


Training and Sales Support

As mentioned above, there are training calls and webinars every day of the week and also coffee chat calls for introducing new friends three times per week.
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