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Home Blinds of America, a
Window Covering Business for
Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs!

Marcus Forrester - Owner

By: Marcus Forrester

My Name is Marcus Forrester, owner operator of Home Blinds of America.  We have been helping entrepreneurs like you start a Window Covering Business for eleven years now and would like to share our success with you.  We operate from home for a low overhead and offer free in home consultation and estimate.  Our Customers enjoy shopping in the privacy of their own home to be able to match colors and styles of blinds shades shutters and drapery.  We can sell cheaper and bring back the personal touch in business again. You can do it. We will show you how.

We at Home Blinds are thrilled that you are interested in starting a Window Covering Business through our exciting opportunity. Our goal is to create a turnkey operation in your city or town and make you into your own boss with unlimited income potential. We are a family owned and operated business and would like to share our successful Window Covering Business system with you. After you have done your research, we will be happy to help you make the mental and physical transition to be an entrepreneur and operate a successful Window Covering Business. Due to the overwhelming demand for window coverings nationwide, as a result of new home sales, existing homes and offices and people moving from place to place, this has created a 10 billion dollar per year industry. We at Home Blinds have been serving this industry for several years now and have developed a proven system to help you be a part of this growing industry. Our professional team will come to you to train you in all aspects of this business to create a turnkey window covering business operation for you in your city or town. You can make as much as you want based on your financial goal, Nielsen research proves the need and demand will always be there to support your Window Covering Business anywhere in the USA. Nielsen reports also verifies 25 to 30 millions dollars worth of window coverings is being sold in your state every Month, we can have you doing a fraction of that to make a great income/living. You can do it - We will show you how!

I chose this business because of the great demand and work at your own pace schedule.  We get to set my work schedule on my time and wishes, I also get to meet a lot of new people every day and I enjoy that aspect of my Window Covering Business.   This business has no effect on my family, as I get to set my schedule around my family needs.

President / Owner of Home Blinds
Window Covering Business Bizymoms'sInterview with Marcus Forrester -
President / Owner of
Home Blinds America

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Window Covering Business
Interest / Skills

Skills needed in this business are being pleasant and easy to smile. Engaging your customer in light conversation, good dress and good smell usually gets the sale.

Selling Methods

Selling methods are customers responds to our advertising pieces by calling, We go out to the appointment and close the sale.  The sale is easy to close because We are not showing up nannounced. They call our Window Covering Business, know we are coming and are ready to buy.

Start-Up Costs

Set up cost 10k upfront  another 10k at beginning of training total business setup 20k. We come to you to train and set up your Window Covering Business and have you generate income during the week of training.

Contact Information

Marcus Forrester - Owner

Training and Sales Support

Training is conducted in a hotel near you, We give personal hands on training. You also get a total reference manual for your review if needed.

Bonuses or Incentives

This is your own independent Window Covering Business, you make as much as you want based on Your goal, you become an independent Home Blinds dealer.


Sales quota is 10k, per month. Average monthly sales are 20 to 50k per month.

You make 50 - 60% of all sales
Window Covering Business
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