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Become a Home Based EntrepreneurÖ a Mom-preneur! Earn Turn Key Income!

A Real, and Realistic, Profitable business for ANY MOM (or Dad) Who is Ready to Make Serious Money and Enjoy the Guilt-Free Time & Freedom of being With Your Kids Every Day. We have been training Home Based Entrepreneurs for over eight years. You will learn a powerful, simple 3-step system that will allow you to achieve the results you desire. The great thing about it is, you have a phenomenal team of like-minded people supporting you and coaching you along your path- and at the same time- you are free to make your own decisions, working where and when you choose -- total flexibility.

Itís about being with your kids as they grow up.
Itís about helping relieve the financial pressure from your husband.
Itís about guilt-free shoppingÖ
And itís about college.
Itís NOT about putting on panty hose every day and heading out the door, dropping the kids at daycare, thatís for sure!

Take control of your earning potential and do it on your own terms. I am and itís

There are three elements which make our Home Based Entrepreneur business highly desirable:

1. Strong, Upfront Commissions - from hundreds per sale, to thousands per sale, net to you.

2. Flexible Schedules - You name it. You are the boss.

3. A Mission of Helping Others - With a powerful product line in Self-Achievement and Personal Development that is in high demand, we have seen countless examples of our client's lives transforming in powerful and positive ways.

And yours will too, in the process.

After 15+ years in corporate America carrying the stress and politics of being a high powered radio executive, and, the chief cook and bottle washer at home, raising my son, I bailed out. I am so grateful to have discovered this most lucrative business that I operate with my laptop and cell phone from home, from Starbucks, from Rome, Kona, Acapulco, where ever and whenever I choose. A day without panty hose is a good day. I earn hefty five figures per month working 20-25 hrs. per week. I am in the process of becoming a financially free Home Based Entrepreneur. The mentoring, training, and support is second to none. And the friendships Iíve made are awesome! (All across the world!)

We are an AAA-rated Dunn & Bradstreet company doing business in over 151 countries. We are the recognized leader in our $19 billion industry which is personal development/self achievement. We produce and distribute positive, educational, inspiring media on the web and on broadcast TV. Our programs are unsurpassed in their quality and ability to change lives.



Strong Desire To Upgrade Your Situation
Success mindset
Can Work Independently
Interested in Personal Growth / Law of Attraction
(No business experience necessary)


Selling Methods

Power of Viral Marketing on the Internet
Print, and all manner of marketing outlets
We provide full training and support
NO home parties
NO recruiting of friends and relatives


Start-Up Costs

$49.95 + $99.00/qtr for Conference Line System

Training and Sales Support

Phenomenal training and support given by company leaders who are themselves multiple six and seven-figure Home Based Entrepreneur earners. Training online, and via conference calls.


Bonuses or Incentives

No income caps. Star Builder Bonus paid out quarterly can be worth $10,000 or more.


Must be a master communicator
Must be a real people person and great on the phone
Must have a strong desire to change your situation right now

No sales quotas.
No income caps
No business experience necessary


Net Profits of 20% - 40% plus bonuses.
Five Figure Monthly Income Potential
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