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A Blackbox Cosmetics Business Opportunity

Christine Hagen - Independent Sales Associate
Business Overview

BLACKBOX COSMETICS is a new and incredibly innovative company. Blackbox was born out of a health professional’s desire to find a natural and non-toxic way to dramatically reduce the signs of aging and improve the overall health and condition of the skin. Their anti-aging skin care products contain the highest concentrations of the most effective nutrients and botanicals in the industry! I enjoy selling products that are good for the skin and actually work!

Blackbox Cosmetics are:
  • Aloe based, not water based like most.
  • Packaged in an airless system. The airless cartridge rests inside a beautiful acrylic shell and can be removed and recycled once empty. This is better for the environment and saves customers money with their ability to purchase discounted refills.
  • Packed with high concentrations of collagen building and free radical destroying vitamins, botanicals, and special ingredients.
Blackbox products are made fresh (within days of your order) and stored in refrigeration units until ordered, again maximizing the freshness of the nutrients. BlackBox cosmeceuticals are as potent as the day they were processed. Fresh, powerful nutrients ready to feed your skin.

Blackbox continues to grow at a rapid pace and is in the early stages of enrolling its first ISAs. This exceptional group of people will form our foundation and soon be a major force in the cosmetics industry. Blackbox will continue to add new and exciting products to their line! This is a perfect opportunity to work from home selling the most advanced line of age-defying natural skin care products on the market today, designed for both women and men. This easy money making residual income opportunity has the highest paying commission and bonus structure in the industry. Act now while there are no restricted territories. You have the ability to market your Blackbox Cosmetics business anywhere!

If you are ambitious, like people, and enjoy helping others by offering them skin care products that make them look and feel good about themselves, then you will love being part of Blackbox Cosmetics.

At Blackbox Cosmetics you can sell online, at a kiosk, through social media, at local events, home parties, or whatever style fits your needs. There is no pressure to sell the products a certain way. In fact, the best part is there are NO sales quotas.
The Enrollment Package to become an ISA with Blackbox Cosmetics is only $149.00. This includes the “Restoration Kit”, the lifetime enrollment fee, marketing materials to get you started, and your own replicated Blackbox Cosmetics website with Back Office to track your sales, commissions, and bonuses. There are no other fees, ever! No monthly financial commitment and No annual renewal.
You will receive personal training on the many ways to market your business. Building your business is as simple as directing interested prospects to your website.
You can earn bonuses through your monthly sales, or your organization. It’s up to you. There are no requirements or quota’s to meet.


Blackbox Cosmetics has the highest commission and bonus structure in the industry. An ISA receives a minimum 20% commission on all purchases. You also have the ability to build an unlimited 1st level (if you choose) which is unheard of in the industry.
Christine Hagen
Blackbox Cosmetics
Independent Sales Associate