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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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About this article: Tree House Hotels

Most children enjoy playing house in their tree house. Some hotels have taken this concept to a new level by creating tree house hotels. You will enjoy the fun and adventure and feel young again when staying at tree house hotels.

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Tree house hotels
Remember climbing into those treehouses when you were a kid and spending the night there? All those wolves howling and the less comfortable 'bed' you had? Quite an memorable experience, wasn't it?

I'm sure that, however much you may desire to relive your childhood, perhaps the Swiss Family Robinson may be the only people who would actually stay in a treehouse.

However, there are many treehouse hotels available, which are designed for adults and are available worldwide, including in locations from Alaska to Papua New Guinea!

(Please do note that some of the below mentioned hotels don't provide any breakfast. Most of them require that guest are in a good physical condition, but, to stay at some of them, you need be in excellent physical condition.)

Five - Day Treehouse Stay, Anchorage, Alaska

Well, this is a treehouse that, when you visit, you should be in 'excellent physical condition' You'd have to fly from Anchorage to a lake which is about 2 miles away from the treehouse, where the host Eric Schmidt will meet you. He will then take you on a 'hike' to the place of stay, which also involves going through a 'huge creek'. When time's up, you'll have to row 5 miles before you reach the plane via which you return.

Treehouse Cottages, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The room in the Treehouse Cottages are more like the traditional B&Bs, though none of the meals are served. Each of the cottages come attached with a private deck, a fireplace, a kitchen and a Jacuzzi bath to top it off!

Tree Houses of Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Treehouse residencies can be found in 3 places, and, most of the time, at least 2 of them are free of electricity. Tiki torches are used for illumination

Treehouse Cabins @ River of Life Farm, Dora, Missouri

A decent number of treehouse cabins are up for grabs, accommodating around 2 - 12 guests. A majority of the cabins have a view of the North Fork River, up in the Missouri Ozarks. The River of Life Farm is situated on 350 acres and is adjoining the Mark Twain National Forest, so this is in effect a great getaway for those of you in love with the wild!

Out 'n' About Treesort, Takilma, Oregon

I can imagine the look of befuddlement when you see the word 'treesort'! It basically is a combo of the words tree and resort. There are 10 treehouses here, some of them which are multi - storey areas. The highest one is nearly 37 feet above ground level. There are a lot of swinging bridges to help out the guest and to keep you amused.

Cedar Creek Treehouse, Mount Rainer, Washington

This one's nearly 50 feet above ground level, and is attached to a huge cedar tree, with the trunk passing through the kitchen floor to the ceiling!
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