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About this article: Living in a Trailer Park

Trailer parks offer homes to people who cannot afford a real house or apartment. People live in trailers which are also a type of home with a place to sleep and eat.

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Living in a trailer park
There are many advantageous and disadvantageous when living in a trailer park. Trailer park is an area of land where travelers choose to park their trailer to rest. It is a mobile home and has usually been associated with low income residents who are closer to poverty line and is unable to afford to live in a home of their own. This may be correct but not necessarily accurate as with the advent of more sophisticated bigger and better manufactured trailers which will be fitted with many amenities as well as in some instances, tv, computer and internet facilities. People from different social standards are opting to live in trailer parks. As the trend is changing even the parks are better managed and maintained to cater to the upper class of travelers. There are many safe and selective parks available to live. They may also be fitted with a computer and internet facilities.

The trailers are parked in land owned by others from whom a spot of land is leased out for a nominal amount. Land owners can also be selective in choosing the right people to rent out the land to. This way they will avoid unsavory people from parking their trailers. It was also be required that the area taken by lease is kept clean. The common areas will all be maintained by the management.

It is socially acceptable for retirees and pensioners who are able to spend their days in leisure and is not restricted to be confined to a particular area be able to live in a trailer if not for the rest of their lives, at least for a short time. As more people choose to live in a trailer for recreational purposes, the parks are also seen to be improving their facilities. They will be able to travel within the country or travel to other countries in a less expensive manner. They could stay as long as they want in a particular place or lease as fast as they could as there are no restrictions to where they want to live. Retirees and pensioners income also become less than when they were employed and therefore at least for a time this will be more financially beneficial. If they plan to travel for long durations then it is possible to even rent out their own home.

Of the many advantages, living in a trailer park does not require housing tax to be paid. Further all the amenities such as electricity and water are at no cost. Some parks may have swimming pool and community nights which will permit the park community to get to know one another. The trailer can be stationed in a trailer park close to the office to avoid commuting long distance.

Disadvantages could be as trailers may not be able to withstand some of the bad weather that has been experienced recently as there is no strong foundation or good structures. As time goes by the restriction of space may also pose a problem to the occupants. Belongings will have to kept to a minimum. Further there will be no control of noise pollution and if the neighbor is noisy then you may just have to listen to it. But the difference is that if you do not like you can always move.

As it is evident, there are advantages and disadvantages in living in a trailer park and all options should be taken into consideration if a choice has to be made whether to live in a trailer park or not.
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