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About this article: Tallest Hotels

The world is full of tall buildings, and some of them include the tallest hotels. Many of these tallest hotels can be found in Dubai.

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Tallest hotels
Through climbing mountains, inventing flying gadgets or even taking a trip to outer space, mankind has never been short of ideas on how to defy gravity. It's isn't very much different when you consider hotels, so it isn't too surprising when the most luxurious hotels are also the tallest. Here's a look at some of the tallest hotels around.

Baiyoke Tower II, Bangkok, Thailand

By starting operations in 1998, it became the tallest building in Thailand and, for that matter, in South - east Asia. It is 304 meters tall and, if you include the antenna, it is 328 meters tall. It contains 85 floors and 2060 steps, and takes nearly an hour to get to the top (if you have enough stamina!)

It also goes down another 60 meters, which is somewhere near the height of a 22 storey building.

Rose Tower, Dubai, UAE

The Rose Tower is the tallest hotel in the world, piercing 333 meters into the sky. It started construction in 2004 and finished in 2006. It was actually supposed to be 380 meters high, but some changes to the design made the architects pull it down to 333 meters.

It's located in the financial hub of Dubai, has 72 floors and was scheduled to open to the public on April 2008, but still remains closed. However, when it does open, there'll be superb rooms, restaurants, shopping (yes, you heard me right) and facilities to make sure that your stay will be unforgettable.

Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE

The only 7 - star hotel in the world is the best luxurious hotel, which gives you a mix of tradition with latest tech. The Burj Al Arab was built in 1999 on an island made for this hotel, which is located 280 meters away from the shore, and gives you an amazing view of Dubai city.

The hotel takes luxury to the limits, with more than 8000 square meters of the hotel's inside covered in 22 carat gold leaf, while 24000 square meters are adorned with more than 30 different varieties of marble.

It is nearly 321 meters & has 56 floors. The tallest atrium belongs to this hotel, standing 180 meters tall.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE

The UAE has a habit of liking to create records, and this one makes an effort too, in addition to the above mentioned ones. This one, too, is located in Dubai's financial hub, the Sheikh Zayed Road, and is commonly acknowledged as the world's best business hotel. This is the 33rd tallest buildings in the world, and is made of mostly steel and glass, having 56 floors and reaching 309 meters tall.

It started operations in 2000 and was refurbished in 2005. It consists of 400 rooms, 40 luxury rooms and more than 15 restaurants and bars. The cheapest room over there costs nearly $1100!
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