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About this article: Jacuzzis

Jacuzzis offer relief to sore and tired muscles and are a great way to unwind and relax. Check with your hotel beforehand if this is a priority during your stay.

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Jacuzzi was not primarily invented for the purpose of relaxation but for health reasons.

In the 1900s, seven brothers with the family name Jacuzzi migrated from Italy to the United States and settled down in Berkley, California and became machinists. One of the brothers named Rachele, who was inspired by an air show he saw in Panama Pacific Exposition in 1915 began making aircraft propellers. Rachele and his brothers began an aircraft manufacturing company called `Jacuzzi Brothers' based in Berkley, which continued its business until 1976, although their products changed during this period. In 1921 one of their brothers Giocondo, was killed when one of their planes crashed en route between San Francisco and Yosemite and thereafter the Jacuzzi Brothers stopped making aircrafts and instead turned the company's expertise into manufacturing hydraulic aircraft pumps.

One of the brothers, namely Candido had a son named Kenneth, who suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Kenneth Jacuzzi had regular hydrotherapy sessions but between sessions the young boy suffered immense pain and his father thought that the pumps the Jacuzzi brothers made could be made into whirlpool water treatment to soothe the pain of Kenneth and developed a submersible bathtub pump in 1948.

In 1955 the Jacuzzi brothers marketed this pump classified as Model J-300. This sparked a world wide interest. Kenneth Jacuzzi, eventually started to run the company and marketed the Jacuzzi whirlpool bath as a therapeutic aid. To market the product initially, portable Jacuzzis were given to contestants on TVs `Queen for a Day'. Holywood stars like Jayne Mansfield and Randolph Scott stated how much they had gained from Jacuzzis and thus the Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub gained international fame.

A new era of whirlpool bathing pleasure was invented in 1968, Candido Jacuzzi brought to the market the first self-contained, fully integrated whirlpool bath which had jets into the side of the tub. This became a symbol of luxurious living. A whirlpool is a tub fitted with piping, water jets and electric pump. The pump uses an underwater suction fitting and several jets to circulate the water through the pipes. Each jet has a vented constriction near its opening that injects air into the water and the ratio of air to water can be adjusted.

Jacuzzis have definite health advantages. Originally, pharmacies sold Jacuzzis as health aids. It is a trademark name but it is usually referred to as a generic term for hot tubs, even for Jacuzzis manufactured by other manufacturers. Sportsmen can help soothe injured muscles that have been exercised too hard, by undergoing hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is also good for bed ridden patients because the body cells are stimulated and toxins are removed from the body much faster. It is also good way to release stress and anxieties.

Jacuzzi is certainly one of the more commonly recognized names in spas, jetted bathtubs and hot tubs.
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