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About this article: Weddings and Planning Weddings: Hotels for weddings

Not all hotels are made for weddings. Checking the facilities and space for a nice wedding is important. Many hotels advertise what they offer for weddings.

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Weddings and planning weddings
Wedding is considered the most precious day of one's life. It is a the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Traditions and customs of weddings vary greatly between nationalities, cultures, religions, ethnic groups and social standards. Exchanging weddings vows and rings by the couple and announcement of marriage by an authority figure or religious leader is usually common. Rings which are circular shape represents unending love. The ceremony may include music, poetry, prayer or readings from the Scripture. Bride and groom wear specially designed clothes for the ceremony which may be followed by a wedding reception.

Most cultures adapt western custom of the bride wearing white. This is symbolic of purity in the Victorian era, contradictory to the normal belief that it indicates virginity, which is symbolized by the face veil. White is usually not worn for a second or third wedding of a widow or divorcee.

In order to make this special day memorable, every detail of the wedding should be planned. Planning a wedding is very exciting but is also very stressful, especially if not planned in advance. You need to be creative and patient. Start by making a check list of things to be done.

Start with saving money towards your wedding as early as possible as weddings can become very costly. Make a guest list as you will be surprised how many you may have to cut and chop to include all your friends, relatives and loved ones in the numbers you want to keep to.

Fix the date for the wedding as early as possible. Obtain quotation from all the choices of venues and make the right choice. Book the venue as some of venues may be booked if you don't book in advance. Simultaneously you can check on the menus available and decide on what type of menu you want within your budget.

Decide on how much you plan to spend on the wedding, so that it will be easy to make a budget and be sure to stick to the budget. Everyone wants to have their dream wedding but if that is going to cost moon and the stars, you are going to start your new wedded life full of debts which bring in a lot of stress in your marriage.

Even musicians at least the good ones are booked well in advance and once the venue is finalized book the musician according to the type of music you like and want to be played at your wedding.

Plan whether you want to have a normal wedding or a theme wedding. Choose the designer you want to work with so that he/she can start designing the bridal and the bridesmaid's clothes well in advance. If they have too much of work they will not be able to take it on. By then you should know who your retinue is.

Choose a wedding invitation that is in keeping with your theme. Find the right florist who is good and not exorbitant and who will be able to make beautiful bouquets and do unique floral arrangements in the church and at the wedding reception. Find the photographer who is easy to work with as you may not want to be stressed when they start photographing you. Talk to friends and relatives about the resource people you need and find out their recommendations.

Music is another important part of the wedding that should be planned well. Decide on the song list and give that to the musicians very much in advance so that they will be familiar with your music if they do not know them.

Don't try to do everything by yourself, make sure you delegate some of the tasks to dependable friends or relatives.
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