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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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The best hotels aim to serve their guests and make them feel at home. Whether on a business or family trip or just to get away for a few days, individuals and families alike look forward to resting and getting away from the daily routine of life when they enter a hotel. In this section, also learn about motels, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and what it takes to work in a hotel.

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About this article: Hotel Management

Hotel management is a key ingredient in providing guests with proper service. Those involved in the hotel must be trained to manage the everyday business of the hotel and give their guests superior and quality service during the stay.

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Hotel management
Seeing to every aspect of operations and functions of the hotel is hotel management. This is spearheaded by the General Manager of the hotel with his able and efficient team of departmental heads. The General Manager is responsible to direct, guide and motivate staff in the day to day operations and will oversee the general operations and diligently monitor all operating costs of the hotel. The Hotel Management is dedicated to improve the performance through cost-effective operations. Team work is an important element in hotel management, as one department cannot function without the support and help of the other departments of the hotel. They constantly plan out new ways and methods to improve the standards and guest experiences. The hotels periodically plan out special promotions and events to allure more guests to the hotel.

Hotel management is a strenuous task. From the outset it may be an exciting, people oriented career, but with the hotel industry growing with each passing day, and hotels competing with each other, the demands made by guests, their thinking and value for money expectation increases. Thus, the management has to be prepared to meet this ever increasing demand to sustain and maintain a steady income. "One Room vacant per day is revenue lost forever". As such the managers are on their toes, round the clock to see that the guest is satisfied. Their prime objective is to build a reputation by exceeding the expectations of the guest and the proprietor of the hotel, whereby not only guest satisfaction is achieved but also succeeding in obtaining investment returns to the owner.

Each departmental head is expected to guide their respective staff, for the smooth functioning of the hotel. Co-ordination and cooperation with each other is an important element. Where guest satisfaction and experiences are the key factors, each department sees to the need of the guest with utmost care. No two days will be the same in a hotel. As such the management has to come up with ideas to see that the guest is happy and content. Some hotels have theme nights, whereby, the guests are given a different kind of experience and food. The management, who works round the clock, are dedicated and committed to ensure that new ideas and methods are brought forward. On a daily basis, the management meets to discuss how best the hotel should function, and to rectify and find solutions to any issue that they have come up with, seeing to guest needs, staff issues, day to day operations of the hotel, costing and budgeting and special events.

To achieve this comprehensive task, motivation and recognition is required. Hospitality is one industry where employees are recognized for their contribution and service. The management records and maintains the achievements of the staff, and they are duly rewarded as individuals and teams. Motivating and keeping the morale of the staff high is very important. As such the management works in a very friendly and cordial manner with the staff, and gives a hand whenever the need arises. There is open dialog all the time between the management and the staff, whereby the staff is able to approach their respective managers without any hesitation. Management continually encourages the staff to work as a team, and hospitality is one industry where 'team work' plays an important role in the functioning of an organization.

Though being a 24-7 job, and the hard work done behind the scene rarely noticed, the success of the Hotel speaks volumes and is all due to the dedicated and committed and effective management.
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