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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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The best hotels aim to serve their guests and make them feel at home. Whether on a business or family trip or just to get away for a few days, individuals and families alike look forward to resting and getting away from the daily routine of life when they enter a hotel. In this section, also learn about motels, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and what it takes to work in a hotel.

Historical Hotels
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About This Article: Packages and Specials in Some Historical Hotels: Hotel attractions

Different hotels offer different types of accommodation, services and deals to their guests. Each hotel's attractions differ depending on their location and the types of services offered. Check beforehand to make use of any specials or packages.

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Packages and Specials in Some Historical Hotels
Adding to the amazement, splendor and meaning of a stay in a prestigious historic hotel, a special package and its fringe benefits from one of these properties makes the stay of a guest much more special. Following this reason and the history of excellence behind these properties, these locations put forward special and exciting packages. Offering a wide array of their excellent service, at the conclusion of anyone's stay, their experience becomes unparalleled.

Black Point Inn (U.S.)
Located in Scarborough, Maine, ever since 1878 the Black Point Inn has been charming visitors with its cozy antique-filled rooms and old world sophistication. Each guest room is uniquely decorated, offering themes to suit every fancy such as the Music Room, the Library and the Sun Porch.

Coupled with such marvelous offerings are their special packages. One of the newest named the Maine Romantic Hideaway. This special package offers the guests with a chance to get away from their busy schedules and rushed lifestyles to a stay filled with love and time to spend with your loved ones. Features of the stay include an in-room massage, lounge in the Egyptian cotton bath robes, sit by the fire and sip seasonal wines from the property's extensive wine list, watch the sunset over the bay with Mount Washington on the horizon, and enjoy the best food and views in Maine. Only two hours from Boston, they guarantee that the experience may change your life. For more information, click

The Jefferson Hotel (U.S.)
This marvelous historic property is famed and renowned for its distinguished guest list which features the best of the best. Out of the long list of celebrities who have stayed in this great hotel, it's right to give prominence first to the 11 US Presidents, Sir Edmund Hillary, F Scott Fitzgerald. Joining them is a long list of actresses and actors, where there are too many to name. Main attractions of the hotel, attracting the famous and not so famous, to this very day include, the stunning architecture including a 36-step carpeted marble staircase strikingly similar to the one featured in the film Gone With the Wind.

To attract their guests further to this marvelous and history filled property they have on offer several packages to make the stay further enjoyable and meaningful. Among them, one of the main specials is called Sunday Champagne Brunch. Starting your stay from Saturday night, a guest is immersed into luxurious surroundings of the hotel as well as treated to the best champagne Brunch in Richmond. Particulars include Sunday Champagne Brunch for two, brunch gratuity and valet parking.

For more packages from this historic of historic properties, click

Yades Heritage and Hospitality Hotels (Greece)
Operated by the Yades Historic Hotels Group with a spread of properties from Crete to Santorini, Rhodes to Corfu, where each of these luxury hotels offers a unique setting and experience to European vacationers who want to avoid cookie-cutter quarters. Added to all of these, are their special packages designed exclusively to meet the needs of the guest.

Peaceful holidays in the Historic Mount Athos in Chalkidiki
This package exclusively consists of a 3 night stay at the Skites Hotel plus a private dinner for two at the Bungalow or the restaurant.

Shopping and Night Life Entertainment at the cosmopolitan city of Thessaloniki
The Package Consists of:
. A 2 night stay at Bristol Hotel
. A guided tour to the most fashionable places of the city
. A Private Candlelit Dinner for two at the Bistro Premises
For more information, click,

In order to find that perfect package designed to suit your needs and experience, it will helpful to visit the following websites,

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