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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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The best hotels aim to serve their guests and make them feel at home. Whether on a business or family trip or just to get away for a few days, individuals and families alike look forward to resting and getting away from the daily routine of life when they enter a hotel. In this section, also learn about motels, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and what it takes to work in a hotel.

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About this article: Haunted Inns and Hotels

Some inns and hotels have been around for so long and have their own story to tell, including that they are haunted inns and hotels. Do some background research to find out more details about the inn and its history.

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Haunted inns and hotels
Tutwiler Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama is known to be haunted by Colonel Tutwiler as he is supposed to do more than roam the halls. A bartender got into trouble several years ago for leaving all the lights and stoves on in the restaurant after it closed. Though he insisted that he had turned off everything, but whenever he looks back all the lights were on again. One day the manager found that someone had cooked a large meal and taken out a bottle of wine. On that day, the employees of the hotel began to say, when they were leaving `Good night Colonel, and please turn the lights and stove off, and don't make a mess' and guess what, they never had a problem after that. In 2007 the Tutwiler underwent a complete renovation and it is said that old spirits are chased away in renovations and only time will tell whether that is the true in the case of Tutwiler Hotel.

In Room 23 of Golden North Hotel, Alaska ghostly images appear and the employees have named her `Mary'. She is supposed to have been a young girl who was waiting for her fiancÚ's return from a gold prospecting mission. She had died in this room of pneumonia.

Employees of The Brown Palace Hotel in Colorado often runs into a former uniformed waiter in the service elevator, who always leaves the elevator when it stops. Also, in Room 904 there was a socialite named Mrs Louise Crawford Hill who had lived for fifteen years. The story of her heartbreaks and lost loves were related in ghost tours conducted by the hotel's historian. Soon after that the switchboard began receiving telephone calls from Room No.904 though this room didn't have a telephone, or even wall paper or furniture, because it was undergoing renovation, The historian stopped talking about Mrs Hill during the tour and the telephone calls stopped coming.

A young couple stayed in their honeymoon at In Casa de la Paz Bayfront in St Augustine, Florida and her husband went on a fishing expedition on the last day of their trip and he never returned. His boat capsized in a storm and he drowned. The women died of grief as she could not accept his death. She has been seen standing next to a suitcase at the top of the stairs. Hotel guests have reported hearing a knock on their doors and a voice asking `is it time to leave yet'. Guests have said that they saw as if someone was standing behind them, or there was a cold breeze in the hallway.

Emily, a heartbroken bride from the 1800s haunts The Partridge Inn in Augusta, Georgia. Emily was a beautiful young girl with long, flowing chestnut hair. When she was getting ready on her wedding day, she heard that her fiancÚ has been mistaken for a soldier wanted for treason and was shot as he rode on his horse into town. Emily was devastated and she wore her wedding dress for weeks. She never married and it is said that she died of a broken heart. Emily is still seing dressed in her wedding gown, wondering in the hotel.

There are many haunted inns and hotels in every part of the world.
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