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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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The best hotels aim to serve their guests and make them feel at home. Whether on a business or family trip or just to get away for a few days, individuals and families alike look forward to resting and getting away from the daily routine of life when they enter a hotel. In this section, also learn about motels, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and what it takes to work in a hotel.

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About this article: Famous People Living in Hotels and Why They Do it

There are quite a few famous people who live in hotels. Actors like Keanu Reeves and Robert de Niro prefer a hotel to living in a house.

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Famous People Living in Hotels and Why They Do it
Several famous people have made hotels their choice of home. LA's fabled Chateau Marmont was home to Keanu Reeves and Robert DeNiro and many other famous personalities. Rober De Niro lived in the penthouse for 2 years. Howard Hughes was yet another celebrity who lived in this hotel. It is located just above Sunset Boulevard.. In 1982 John Belushi was found dead due to a drug overdose.

.It has also served as a retreat for writers, artists, actors, journalists and musicians who come to Hollywood to work for extended stays and who require privacy and security or combination of both which they are not able to find in most hotels. Some guests also want to know their quirks wont be a problem for anyone whom they may meeting during their stay. Considering the fact that there is barely anyone in the hotel that will hardly be a problem except the desk clerk, the cook, waiter, bus boy and delivery man who is seen running across from the kitchen to the elevator and to the main building and back serving some famous personality. Could it be Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange or is it Spike Lee, Jeff Goldblum or Richard Lee. The fact that the hotel is earthquake proof may also be an added incentive for the guests.

Sunset Boulevard in LA is frequented by celebrities to eat, drink, sleep have clandestine affairs, to write to paint, compose music etc etc and the list goes on. Celebrities feel comfortable living at the Chateau Marmont due to the confidentiality nature it represents and therefore they feel that their names are not highlighted in the media to become the target of gossip It was built in West Hollywood, California in 1927 and has been the location for numerous events for well known personalities. Over the years the hotel has changed its structure to fit in with the times but yet maintaining the same charm. The staff who has seen it all are smart, calm, attractive and funny.

Montegomery Cliff almost died in an auto accident in 1965 close to the home of Elizabeth Taylor, who brought him to Chateau Marmont to recuperate.

It was a place where artists such as Anthony Kiedis of red Hot Chilli Peppers recorded his vocals for `By the Way' and British singer Lilly Allen wrote the song for her 2nd album. Officer Donovan Ray the character of `Batman Guess Who' of Fox series `Fastlane' lived in Chateau Marmont to maintain his undercover alias Van Stummer.

Lindsay Lohan used this hotel as a recluse after she got caught with drunk driving in July 2007 and it is also reported that Britiney Spears was locked out of the hotel.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have lived the Pink Beach Club, Bermuda where the hotel will everything humanly possible to have a home away from home concept. They would go to the extent of making their room completely dark.

James Woods has lived at the Beverly Hills Hotel for years because of all the perks it offers. The rooms are equipped with a scanned, printer, fax and private phone number.

Living in hotels has become much more convenient and therefore they do not worry about having a full army of staff to clean the house, to cook or obtain the services for general maintenance.

Famous people continue to live in hotels for a variety of reasons.
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